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'The Holy Drinker' will be published by Knox Robinson Publishing on May 27th 2014.

'A Quiet Place to Die' has been published by Wild Wolf Publishing and is now available at amazon - see link below

'Tales of Ordinary Sadness' has just been published in paperback. Cindy Taylor said of the collection, ‘Randall is an intriguing writer who kept me entranced from start to finish. His writing style is bold, intense, disturbing, thought provoking, and very descriptive, with strong imagery.’

Buy your copy via this link:


'Darkness Reigns at the Foot of the Lighthouse' was shortlisted for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2009.

'Klingsor's First Summer' was published by 'Twisted Tongue' magazine in April 2010.

Five of my short stories are now available for download via the Ether Books App at Itunes


'Boy About Town' and 'The Samaritan' now available from Alife Dog Books

I can be contacted at randall_273@hotmail.com

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http://narandall.blogspot.com/     http://www.amazon.co.uk/A-Quiet-Place-Die-ebook/dp

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The Animal Farm

NA Randall

An ex-porn star struggles to come to terms with fatherhood

After a botched suicide attempt, a sixty-two-year-old ex-porn star is referred to an alternative therapist, who runs a creative writing programme for people suffering from mental health problems. The therapist, a modern, free-thinking man, defies convention, finds monogamy impossible, and has many sexual partners. As the treatment progresses, he finds worrying parallels between his life and that of the ex-porn star. By performing countless intimate acts with strangers, the therapist is left feeling cold and empty inside, unable to give or receive a love he's convinced doesn’t exist.


The Butterfly and the Wheel

NA Randall

A second-rate Russian writer passes off an unpublished manuscript as his own, and rises to the summit of Soviet society.

Turgenovsky’s literary aspirations far outweigh his talents. When arrested with a group of student friends, he’s drawn into revolutionary circles more through chance than conviction, and starts to have an unwitting impact on the earth-shattering events taking place around him.

During the Civil War, he denounces an unpublished author, steals his manuscript, and becomes the country’s premier socialist writer.

When another version of the stolen novel surfaces, Turgenovsky battles to keep his reputation intact. With much connivance he manages to distance himself from such claims, and is eventually awarded the Nobel Prize.

In later years, he realizes what he’s missed out on as an artist, and starts to write an epic novel to cement a far more legitimate legacy. It’s a huge failure. Love poems for his wife found after his death - like Pasternak’s Zhivago – prove to be the only thing of literary merit he ever produced, providing him with partial redemption.

The novel satirizes the delusional foundations of a totalitarian regime. It is about a mediocre man – like so many others - who flourishes in a society which claims to eradicate inequality, but only succeeds in propagating it to new and untold heights.


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I wrote 130 days ago

Paul, First off, I think the premise for Not Like the Other Boys is an excellent one - a kid from a deprived, violent background, his old man a boozer, trying not get angry (and I think the definition of Long QT Syndrome at the start sets your story up nicely) or overexcited - has limitless poss... view book

I wrote 471 days ago

Frances, I've just read your opening chapter. Callie is such a strong character, a bit of a rebel, but very likeable nonetheless, and a great MC for your story. In many ways, lots of the action in the first chapter is a great example of how to portray a character through action - how Callie think... view book

I wrote 527 days ago

Abby, I've just read your prologue and chapter 1 proper, and was hugely impressed. The prologue is highly original and certainly succeeds in getting the reader's interest, in wanting them to read on. Into Chapter 1, you have a very easy to read, econimical writing style, but regardless manage... view book

I wrote 546 days ago

Maria, I've just read your opening chapter. Here are my thoughts: You write with steely clarity, which suits the thriller/crime genre perfectly. And you do a great job of setting the scene, especially in the paragraph that starts 'As she strode...' There's some great imagery throughout, where ... view book

I wrote 599 days ago

Simon, I've just read the opening two chapters posted here. First off, I really liked your pitches, short and long. If I picked your book up in a bookshop and read the blurb, I'd definitely buy it. You write wonderfully well here, with shades of Kafka and Orwell, you have created a nightmari... view book

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