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First fracture has now morphed into


Which has morphed into


The picture is my son and the old dog (sadly no longer with us, the dog that is). After the first time, not for all the Chum in China could I get him to clean the other end. And the vomit, you couldn't believe the....

I've now finished the first draft of a children's book First Fracture (75k words, should edit down to around 50K) and this is the start of the first re-write. I'll be interested in seeing how it is accepted.

If anyone knows how to check a grammar and spell check program, can you let me know (smiles)


Ps - If you are going to invite me to be a friend, please don’t be upset if I don’t reply. The request will probably be lost in the news feed somewhere ;-}

Good luck


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Blood and Smierlight

I. Peter Lavan

There are things in the world to fear - don’t let yourself be one of them.

You should know when a day starts as bad as this, something different is going to happen – But then again, different and meeting up with something that feeds off human fear, that's more than different... Isn’t that so, Chay?...Chay....CHAY!

Slightly dark children's book, penned with a touch of fun... (Well, according to my world!)


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Pls, my sincere apology if this communication don't meet your persona....

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oneil wrote 98 days ago

hello i love Ur profile,in is www.authonomy.com My Dear I am grace by....

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I wrote 632 days ago

CHIRG What a great book! I think how you have structured this is brilliant, perfect for its target audience. The way you capture your characters (especially Finger Bones) is very good. Great dialogue and an equally great storyline developing. Strong sensory predicates enhance the narrative. - Im... view book

I wrote 665 days ago

Many thanks some of these have come about from changes in the re-write and I totally missed -So once again thanks - Ian view book

I wrote 667 days ago

CHIRG What a brilliant story, great characters. For me, and this is my preference, you set the scene with a visual narrative, however it would be more atmospheric if you would have added descriptive sound and other descriptive senses in the opening. Minor, but to me it sets the scene better. S... view book

I wrote 693 days ago

CRIG This is GREAT! I'm not for 1st person normally, however you capture Cassidy 's character so well in both dialogue and inner thought. The style is smooth and engaging. I can't find fault in this, the story absorbs you - Brilliant. Rated and shelved - Impressive view book

I wrote 694 days ago

I remember this from a previous read, such is the effect it had. This is one of those deep, highly structured stories who's meaning sometimes gets lost in the controversial subject matter. Truth and convention are not always the best of friends and this explores them brilliantly. This is a very rich... view book

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