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My real name is John Joseph and assumed
‘Joy J. Kaimaparamban’ as pen name. Born on October 1939 in a middle class family of Kerala, the South most state of India. At the age of 14, started writing. Worked as a school teacher in many schools under the Government of Kerala. After retirement, I fully concentrated on writing. Published 18 novels in Malayalam, my mother tongue. Of them 4 were for children. 2 novels were awarded.

1. The Snake Charmer and the King Cobra (2013)
2. The Seagulls (2013)
3. The Ayurvedic Healer (2010)
4. The Azure of Solicitude (2009)

Published in United States. Available online through Amazon.com, Amazon Kindle, Barnesandnoble.com etc., and receiving applauds from readers.

Read customer review on Amazon. http://goo.gl/ZEDAA


Contact Me:
joy [at] kaimaparamban [dot] com
kaimaparamban [at] gmail [dot] com


'The Transfusing Souls' describes the transfusion of one's soul from his body to another one.

'The Wildfire' is my third novel. Uploaded first four chapters, which was edited by an Authonomy writer, here. Many thanks to him. This novel is a completed one and has around 102,000 words and 30 chapters.

'The Dark Lane' is narrating the story of people engaged in the construction of *Suranga and making of **Beedi. (*Surangas are man-made horizontal caves for collecting water for drinking and irrigation. They provide very safe and clean water on gravity flow without dependence on pumps or any fuel or energy. ** Beedi is a thin, South Asian cigarette filled with tobacco flake and wrapped in a tendu leaf tied with a string at one end.)

'The Land of Frogs' is a short novel for children.

favourite books

The Agony and the Ecstasy - Irving Stone

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The Wildfire

Joy J. Kaimaparamban

A journey through a part of history, which is apart from the history of India we heard till now.

Following the First World War, Malabar, a part of British India, became a burning coconut shell of riots.

The Khilaphath Movement was started as non-violent activity against the ruling British Government due to its unkind treatment of the Spiritual Leader of Muslims - The Caliph. The efforts of the non-violent workers became valueless. The situation was changing into violent communal riots. Along with the wicked people, innocent persons were punished. Women of different ages were raped. Numerous Hindus and Muslims were killed. Some dead bodies were haltered.

Leaders of The Indian National Congress and Khilaphath Movement tried to lead the people to peace. The Government machinery worked constantly to suppress the riots. Violence flared in almost all Malabar until the Ghoorkha Regiment was posted: it suppressed the riots easily.

Throughout the time of reading the novel, readers will get on top of anxiety and tension.

Despite this novel being based on the time from 1920, you cannot call it a historical one. I have tried to analyze characters by putting them in the old surroundings.

Shams, Kalma, Seethikoya Thangal, Andunhi Musaliyaar, Vaasudevan, Rasheed, Sreedevi, Edwin, Godwin, Barbara are some among them.


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I wrote 1122 days ago

Actually pain is a process to purify others. Perhaps it may be dubbed as an experiment of Almighty. Whatever may be, it affects only a person who is being tested not by tester. This novel seems to be telling such an ideology. Joy J Kaimaparamban The Wildfire The Seagulls view book

I wrote 1122 days ago

This novel can be called as ‘a mind capturing novel’, because not only by its theme, but by its turnings would deeply influence each reader. Blood relations and its changing are widely prescribing in this novel. Joy J Kaimaparamban The Wildfire The Seagulls view book

I wrote 1142 days ago

Hi Sarah, I have started my writing career as a Poet; then turned to stories. I enjoyed your poems, especially Heart of October Best wishes, Joy view book

I wrote 1148 days ago

You have written it in a usual way of usual novel, but a reader if he is ready to go deep into your novel, he can find out a socio-mental structure of youth in United States of America. To grab anything seeing in front of them is a passion for youth. They are looking after only their own ambitions.... view book

I wrote 1154 days ago

Apart from usual subject, your novel is hardly pointing out to the relation between man and nature. In your novel you placed a girl in the central point and telling her emotions and responses with nature. It also mention that the deep impact in human life. Joy J. Kaimaparamban The Wildfire Th... view book

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