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A restless northern soul with a lifelong love of the literate, the creative and the downright cool. My shelves are creaking with books that will take me a lifetime to read, and I like the idea that one day I'll be able to produce a worthy addition to someone else's shelves.

The first book featured here, Sigma, was inspired by late night alcohol fuelled conversations with my conspiracy nut friend. It's set in the nineties, at a time when materialism was the order of the day and the internet was just beginning to take over the world.

I've uploaded about a third of the book, and taken down the last two thirds to work on with an eye to publication. A big thank you to all who have passed on comments. I've made changes as I've gone along based on feedback, so hearing what people think has been really useful. Apologies for leaving so few comments in return, but I only ever back things I like and would read. I will leave comments whenever I can.

Whenever I get the chance I work on the other half a dozen books I've got at various stages of development, and I've completed one other full length novel, which needs a complete rewrite before it sees the light of day. Maybe next year. In the meantime, one of the unfinished books is gathering speed...

Paradox, the second book I'm shoving out of the darkness, is still a bit rough around the edges and incomplete, but I'm hoping I'll be motivated to get cracking now I've got a hefty chunk of it on this site. I've already made a few changes to the structure and done some additional writing to improve the flow so this one is very fluid. What you read today might be gone tomorrow. I started it over a decade ago though, so the end is long overdue. It's about time, ironically. Enjoy.

favourite books

Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera / Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami / Atonement by Ian McEwan / If On A Winter's Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino / The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis / Mr Mee by Andrew Crumey / The Fermata by Nicolson Baker / Written On The Body by Jeanette Winterson / Diary by Chuck Palahniuk / Foucalt's Pendulum by Umberto Eco / Perfume by Patrick Suskind / Catch 22 by Joseph Heller / The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende / Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams / Blindness by Jose Saramago / The Consolations Of Philosophy by Alain De Botton / His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman / Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho / Niave, Super by Erlend Loe / All Of My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman / The Insult by Rupert Thomson / The Doors Of Perception by Aldous Huxley... and many more.

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Elvis McPherson

Umberto Eco waltzing with Dana Scully as the Earth spins wildly around the Sun and the orchestra plays a sombre take on Some Enchanted Evening.

A pair of bored, irresponsible and irreverent Geordies stumble across a web of secrets while hacking computer files, and begin a journey that takes them from the not so grim north to the seedy south, spinning though the icy east and the heartless west, rifling through history, scurrying from mystery and intrigue to cold, gut wrenching fear.

False starts, dead ends, lost loves, old relics, weird science, killer tunes, mysterious cults, broken dreams, pointless excesses, lap dancers and missed chances race headlong into each other like particles in a super collider.

Underneath this glossy veneer there's also a story of a friendship to rival Euryalus & Nisus, Reeves & Mortimer, Gilgamesh & Enkidu, Morecambe & Wise, Orestes & Pylades and The Likely Lads. Earthy, paranoid, insatiable, curious, lovelorn, over-sexed, smart, funny and anxious, our two ordinary heroes set out to rescue a world that really isn't that fussed about being saved.

WARNING: The sigma boys cuss like dockers so if you're offended by bad language you might want to steer clear. They are pretty funny though and the swearing along with nudity, cannibalism and idolatry are all integral to the plot...



Elvis McPherson

An occasional genius stumbles upon the key to manipulating time and space and embarks on a journey through lost loves, kaleidoscopic dreams and dystopian nightmares.

There are things that really shouldn't be tampered with, particularly if you have very little idea what you're doing. Time, space and reality are some of those things. Unfortunately, some people just can't resist messing around.

The Paradox Project was the brainchild of Professor Tate, who'd spent the best years of his life trying to unlock the dark matter hidden at the heart of time. I succeeded where he failed, and found a way to skip back and forth through the decades, reliving my past and going to places I never thought I'd see. History opened up to me, inspired me, and led me to love, but it wasn't enough.

If you could do it, you would, but you really shouldn't. There are always consequences. Equal and opposite reactions. Nature can't be tricked and science never has all the answers. If only I'd remembered that sooner.

Paradox: Read it before it's too late.

WARNING: Contains a light sprinkling of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, swearing and certain scenes/characters that could cause offence. Please proceed with caution!


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I wrote 958 days ago

Happy to re-back this as it's a cool take on the reality TV theme and might end up being prophetic - it surely can't be long before someone on one of these shows loses it! A great read, and may it continue to climb the charts. E McP. view book

I wrote 959 days ago

The short pitch got me interested, the long one made me want to read the book, so I'd say you got it right on both counts there. I like the ideas in the first chapter (it's a short one though, maybe rename it as a prologue) the only small thing that bothered me was the last paragraph, particularly t... view book

I wrote 959 days ago

I like the short pitch, but I think there's too much information in the long pitch. I don't have a lot to add to the comments already here, but I'd agree with what's been said about the dialogue in the first chapter - it does get a little confusing. Other that that, I'm enjoying the story,it's well ... view book

I wrote 964 days ago

Nice snappy short pitch. I'd maybe put a little more in the long pitch, but what's there is good. There's some lovely descriptive writing (the opening paragraphs of chapter 3 is a good example), and good dialogue throughout. It's an engaging story so far, and it'll be interesting to see how it devel... view book

I wrote 964 days ago

Great short pitch, it got my attention. The first half of the long pitch is good, but from "Finally the mystery..." it seemed more like a sales pitch rather than a book pitch, and for me was a little off putting. The book itself is a nice gentle read, with enough to keep me interested. I could imagi... view book

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