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Mid 50's, bibliophile, cannot remember when books were not a part of my life. The publishing business confuses me, I know there are many more good books out there than most of us are aware of so I am hoping Authonomy will assist me in this lack. I dabble at writing, feel as though I have a book in me.

I read Gone With The Wind in 2 days the summer between grades 4 and 5.

I read a two volume compilation of the works of Shakespeare the summer between grades 5 and 6.

Bronte, Dickens, Frost, Melville, Roth, Tolkien, Bradbury - all devoured in my early teens.

Favorite authors: Stephen King, Mary Summer Rain, Starhawk, Judika Iles, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Kurt Cuhulain, Lovecraft, Nora Roberts, Gladys Taber, and many more!

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Andrew Hughes wrote 704 days ago

Hi Ellen, “Informers and blackmailers, phrenologists and dissectio....

Jack Cerro wrote 713 days ago

Thank you for your support.

Marita A. Hansen wrote 713 days ago

Thanks for the friendship request :)

patio wrote 713 days ago

Thank you for your friendship. Would you mind read a chapter of my....

patio wrote 713 days ago

I write with greetings and invitation to read a chapter or more of my....

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I wrote 722 days ago

I started reading then lost interest. The writing style does not suit my tastes, and when "rye" was used where "wry" should have been, that was it for me. Chapter 4. view book

I wrote 722 days ago

Like what I have read so far. I cannot get Chapter 11 to load. I will try again another day. Other books await me! view book

I wrote 723 days ago

I enjoyed the eleven chapters presented. Though I personally am not familiar with the setting, the writing style was sufficient to make me feel comfortable in the time and place presented. I will put this on my "I would like to read this someday" list. I do feel the author is more adept at the male ... view book

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