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I am passionate about my profession as a psychologist. To listen and get to discover the unconscious, whether in dreams, art, mythology, stories, and in the day to day of things is of up most interest to me. I am communicator and teacher at heart, of which I now take to writing as an expression of what is passionate to me.

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"Care of the Soul"
"King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine"
"The King Within"

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A Path To Masculinity

Robert B. Hernandez, Psy.D.

Come and discover mature masculine energy, or archetypes as found in us men, both gay and straight regardless of what physically attracts us.

My masculine identity I could say, was born in a land on the other end of the planet from where Miami lies. It is there that I began to explore what it was to be a man; what it was to be gay. The search for and reflection upon masculinity, presents a journey of discovering three men who had impacted my life, both negative and positively. A fire that transformed me into who I am, and into who I am becoming. Three men: my father, stepfather, and uncle have carried and incited in me the archetypes of masculinity, the guides that would mold the boy into a man.
These three men who have shaped my life have carried the different archetypes of Lover, King, and Magician, of which I explore. Touching upon each of these archetypes, I present how these men have helped me to develop the masculine within. This work is a catharsis of sorts as I present to both straight and gay alike... a path to masculinity.


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Thanks Olefish, I found your critique most helpful. I am new to writing, with the exception of my dissertation and a few articles I have not written anything else. I am thinking of authors that are in my genre with a similar depth and how their style of writing is like, and yes, it is more enjoya... view book

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