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Along with my writing, I enjoy art and music. I often spend time with friends when they get together in their studio, jamming and writing songs together. Music is my muse.

I've traveled a lot to countries like Cuba, Brazil, Puerta Rica, Columbia, India, Egypt, turkey, spain, greece, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Tenerife.... And I've lived in Australia for a few years in the mid 60's and then again in the 70's. But even though I like adventure I'm a bit of a home-bird and I like to be with my family.
I was eight years old when I started to read and collect Enid Blyton books, then 'The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe,' followed.
I wrote my first poems when I was about ten years old and always wanted to write a book. I got married when I was in my early teens and since then I've been so busy with my family that I haven't put pen to paper - not until about eight years ago when I finally wrote my first novel which is a romantic thriller..
'Four Corners' is my second novel. Its such a long book that I had to split into four. It's prophetic and I began to write it after having a life-changing experience. Its based on some of my own dreams and I have added a few of them in the story.
Now I am slowly writing a book of poems called 'Pillars of Sand.' The poems are based on my dreams and I hope you enjoy them.

Four Corners. book one.The Rock Star is now available on Kindle (KDP)
I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the book , some of you have been backing it for nearly two years!
Everyone is welcome to join me on my facebook page where I will be giving the latest news on my second book 'The Protector' in the Four Corners series.
Dont forget kindle can download on to laptops, computers and phones and computers too. I hope I can depend on your support and reviews - they make all the difference!

Visit me on facebook and let me know what you think of my book, or leave a review.

If any publishers or agents are interested in my work, please get in touch with me on my LINKEDIN site below or on my facebook page.

BOOK TWO - The Protector will be on the site very soon.

favourite books

I don't really have a favourite Author but I occasionally read Sophia Kinsella - the Shopaholic series, when I need cheering up, and Robert Rankin for a little comical fantasy.
I love to read and study history, mostly about Britain. At the moment Mythology and Theology is my interest. I have an extensive library which fills a whole room and I'm still reading through it!
I love the classics, especially D H Lawrence, and my favourite poet is T.S Eliot. I enjoy some of Shakespeare's work too.

On the Authonomy site I read ALL GENRES even non-fiction.

my websites

http://jtbennettauthor.wix.com/fourcorners     http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/june-t-bennett/42/823/6

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my books

Four Corners.book one.The Rock....


When rock star Michael Faraday discovers the American Indian prophesies of 'The Blue Star,' he fears his terrifying visions will come true.

'A watchtower, a girl with green eyes and a dazzling blue light.'

Michael's visions have always been the same until he visits Arizona and has a vision of his death in a gruesome bloody battle, in which knights in armor fight against strange, winged creatures.

During a gig in London, he meets Ruby Weston. a girl who shares the same dreams and visions, but to change the future, he leaves her.
In his dreams he meets his Spirit Guide - 'The Eagle'. He takes Michael to 'The Land of the Spirits' to search for signs to find his Inner-self.
During the recession, Michael and his band become bankrupt. Stranded in Britain, they travel the country, and protest in festivals against the new Militant government, and at Gog Magog, Ruby finds him again. The camp-site is continuously raided but he discovers he can escape through his own visionary 'open-door.'
When Ruby tells him she has seen the watchtower from their visions, he goes to visit it alone, believing it is a sign to begin his journey. When he reaches it, both he and the watchtower disappear...


Pillars of Sand. Poems made fr....


Have you ever had a dream you thought was about the future?
A small collection of poems made from my dreams.

Over the last several years I have had dreams of what I believed was the future; a world of poverty, violence and war.

I have put together a collection of my poems.
I hope you like them.

I have dedicated these poems to casualties of war. Therefore once published I have decided to donate all royalties to 'Help for Heroes.'

I've also added a number of various other poems from chapter 3 onwards, to make up the word count.


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