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Aspiring YA and Fantasy author

Best of luck to everyone on their journey toward publication! :)

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ELAdams wrote 471 days ago

I’m sending this message to everyone on Authonomy who helped me with ....

sticksandstones wrote 547 days ago

Hi Della, now that Benedict has made the Ed, I'm contacting some of h....

Shelby Z. wrote 548 days ago

Prepare to be Boarded ! Your watchlist is in danger of being boarde....

gweccles wrote 562 days ago

Authonomy link for The Oligarch: A Thriller: http://authonomy.com/boo....

mdws77 wrote 566 days ago

Since you have space on your shelf, I would like to invite you to con....

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I wrote 710 days ago

YARG swap Hi, Tracey! Sorry, it took me longer to get to this than I expected. I haven't had a free moment this week. :) "The nearest city is about an hour away and the place is overrun with sheep." <----just for clarification, you are saying that the closest city has sheep, not that Malhamd... view book

I wrote 713 days ago

Hi, Emma. Thank you so much for your kind words on Flora. I'm so happy that you're enjoying it. I hope to return the read soon, but I have a few other reviews I have to catch up on first. Looking forward to reading your novel! Cheers! ~Della view book

I wrote 714 days ago

Hi, Tracey. I do have time for a reading swap! I'll more than likely get around to it on Friday. Looking forward to it! :D view book

I wrote 714 days ago

YARG reading swap Hi, Sharda! It took me longer to get to this than I expected, but here I am. Looking forward to it. :) Ch 1 I only noticed once possible mix-up: "the bear breath" --> "the bear{s} breath" This was an excellent first chapter! You started with a lovely scene that soon turn... view book

I wrote 717 days ago

YARG review and read swap. At first I was questioning why the husband only ever said, 'that's right' but then it grew on me and I like it. :) Finally [comma] we stopped and the beast man..." Keep in mind, I'm horrible at grammar, but I think a comma goes there. "Their unmistakable leader ap... view book

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