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Laura is the mother to seven and the teacher to many.

Although she has lived in many spaces and places such as Italy, California, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and (whew!) Maryland; she now calls Omaha, Nebraska home, where she lives with her hubby, her many offspring and a pet turtle named Romeo
( who just kinda' eats, poops and sleeps alot).
Her biggest regret in life is that she hasn't learned to play the drums yet! ( Darn !)
She continues to work on her new Young Adult Novel "They Call Me Blanca" and is currently seeking representation.

Her love of reading and story telling began as a child. Her first book was written in purple crayon on manilla paper. She went around the neighborhood trying to read it to anyone who didn't run away.

She likes to write her bio in third person because she doesn't like to talk about herself but was told she had to say SOMETHING!
How' bout this:

"For me telling a story is like baking a delicious cake. If you bake a cake that you know is totally awesome then you want to share it! Telling a story is my way of sharing a little piece of "delicious" with anyone who will listen to it (or in this case read it)."

Latest freelance article for Blue Suit Mom Magazine:

Authonomy books you should check out:
Well obviously anything on my shelf. But, I'll soon be posting a list of books I HIGHLY recommended and would shelved of I could.

P.S. Don't be surprised to find your review and a link to your book on my Book review blog "Books & Beyond" . =)

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http://ladiazbooksandbeyond.wordpress.com     http://lauraadiaz.weebly.com

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my books

They Call Me Blanca

Laura A. Diaz

My name is Michelina DélaCruz.
Meet me at the crossroad where Faith meets Diversity and the Supernatural.

*'Chola Shoes' Photo by Edgar Hoill

A bi-racial teen living with her single white mother in Stockton, California; Michelina struggles to find a place in a confusing & often hostile world. She doubts the existence of God let alone a God that cares. She feels her only way 'out' is to ‘Court-In.’

She's brutally beaten & abandoned like garbage on the railroad track. As a train thunders down the track she doesn't move. All she wanted was to fit in. Longing for the peace of nothing she lets the train barrel her down.

So why does she wake up in 1954, seeing through the eyes of a Mexican American teen?

Experience Michelina’s eye-opening adventure through the eyes of others; as Michelina discovers that not only is there a God, but the depth of His love is greater than she could ever imagine and He has a plan and purpose for her life.
Only about 10,000 words +(what is traditionally requested for querying purposes) available for reading.
This YA book is complete @ 45,000 + words.
Full ms.available upon request.


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Thank you. And I will. :) view book

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Julia! You're making me laugh! It's is so "no sweat!" I know whom holds the future.. so... It's all good! ;) view book

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This is very intense in "flavor" from the get-go. This is very edge of your seat writing....even more tense than some of Ted Dekkers earlier stuff. Thats good! Random notes as I read: In chapter four I would write out "pounds"instead of abreviating it. (But thats just me and I may be wrong) ... view book

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Thank you for reading and thank you for your encouraging comments. They came when I was feelin' as blue as Madame Blueberry;) Wellll...not really.. but I love love Madame Blueberry! ;) Blessings and best wishes, Laura Diaz view book

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. :) I will consider seriously your opinions.:) I have had many conflicting opinions on the spanish/spanglish/ english. In the end,(right or wrong) I went with the advice from a retired friend of mine that used to work aquisitions editing in ... view book

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