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I have been a fan of Science Fiction since i was very young. I first turned my hand to writing in 2000, since then I have been working on my writing style with poetry, short stories. My first book Joannas Dawn, was a development of a short story.

The story itself began as three short stories

If you are interested in reading more, or are an agent or publisher my email is:

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Foundation & Empire
Ring World

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Joanna's Dawn

Jonathan O'Donnell

Joanna's Dawn a Science Fiction Murder Mystery - Graphic, exciting with mild violence and some mild sexual scenes

Joanna born on Mars, a senior agent for Mars security services, has her life changed forever by a distant voice from her past. Her first true love a Terran called James is in trouble, and she is the only person in the Solar System he can turn to.

With Mars and Earth on the verge of war with agents on all sides that cannot be trusted Joanna must complete her mission using all her skills, intelligence and training to overcome the dark aims of a secret organisation.
Determined to complete her true loves mission she teams up with his older brother to find his murderers and bring peace back to system. Their mission to seek out and bring to justice his murderers and prevent a devasting Solar System wide war.
This tale of love, murder and mystery, brings out the best of Joanna and she finds she can love again after all.
A storming murder mystery with intrigue and mayhem across four planets with mighty star fleets of Earth and Mars ready to bring destruction to all.
Joanna mixes with the best bad guys and discovers a new way forward for the people of the Solar System.


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Kestrelraptorial wrote 633 days ago

Hi Jonathan, I backed your book "Joanna's Dawn" for a while ....

jrevino wrote 653 days ago

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of ‘Hollow.’ I was wo....

mdws77 wrote 655 days ago

Thanks for accepting my friend request. If you need help, I do mean i....

LCF Quartet wrote 658 days ago

all right, I'll send you feedback on Chapter 1 and 2 tonight. Lucett....

miacia7 wrote 658 days ago

Hi. After I lost my son this year, I felt I had to write the story of....

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I wrote 658 days ago

Hi Simon, had a read. As for genre, I can see your problem. I read the first few chapters and would say fantasy, fiction. I would suggest that you might want to do a flashback sequence, ie, where he is now then a flashback to where it all began, then bring them up to present day. Generally I... view book

I wrote 671 days ago

Chapter 2 has now been edited and updated. view book

I wrote 697 days ago

Having stepped away from Authonomy for 18 months, (Comma) :D. I have been able to take a fresh look, take a new perspective. I have also spent time reading many of the books on here. To be fair, they are well written. However, by god they are boring, paint drying has more allure and smells better. ... view book

I wrote 697 days ago

HI all, I have decided that it is time for me and my book to leave Authonomy. As I am on the verge of publication it does not make sense to provide free copies of my book on here. I would say this site has been useful to some small degree, but generally I think it is counter productive. There is... view book

I wrote 699 days ago

Powerful, thought provoking. Well written opening. I would recomend and have added to watch list to go on my book shelf next week. Rated 6 Stars - Patio. Great work view book

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