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I don't want to write much about my self because i want my book to stand on its own merit without the distraction of my likes and hates, hobbies or even job history getting in the way. But i will say this, i Love books. I love reading them, writing them and even collecting them and really isn't that what Authonomy is all about, the excitement of finding a great new story!

***** I’m afraid I do not do return reads and I’m not here to reach the editors desk. I’ve merely uploaded my book to see what feed back it gets, so if you do skim through a few chapters of Paraestrals and like it then I’d be most grateful if you’d leave a comment, but other then that I ask nothing else of you dear reader :-)

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Paraestrals - Volume I

S. E. Stenner

A narrative coming of age horror/thriller, about a young girl whose world is turned upside down as the origins of her dark lineage surface.

Paraestrals; Who ever said a P.I. has to be human!

‘My name is Samantha LeFay, I’m young, popular, with my whole life ahead of me, what can go wrong – everything! After turning sixteen and suddenly becoming allergic to the sun along with a few other weird afflictions, my life begins to unravel at the seams, as my friends desert me, my boss at my weekend job forces me to quit and my stepmother nags me to the point of insanity.
My life’s different now, I’m different. As the people at school would put it I’m a freak - Sammy LeFreak. I don’t know if they’re right, all I know is the sun burns my skin, I suddenly have the strength to throw a guy ten foot in the air and my body craves a particular substance..…Blood!’

Paraestrals is no ordinary Vampire tale, my story takes the reader along with Sam as she discovers this hidden side she never knew she had, and follows the decisions she makes when it comes to how she’ll use these new found powers she possesses.

Paraestrals is the first volume from a six part series, aimed at 11-15 / YA.


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First of all, I want to thank YOU very much for backing my novel to t....

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I know, but you have a really good book here and I wanted to give you....

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I wrote 714 days ago

HCG I like your writing style and the pace of your story, the animal nature you portray seems very real as if i was really listening into the thoughts of a wolf and your discribtions are very vivid and well written, but you should keep an eye on your POV and also maybe switch to a different word... view book

I wrote 728 days ago

HCG Your imagination is vast and your story is strong with a good pase, but i didn't like the way you changed you POV to another charter in each chapter, it felt a little disorientating and took me a few sentences to work out which charter i was following story wise. That said it seems you've don... view book

I wrote 749 days ago

Horror Critique Group Review; You draw some very vivid pictures with your discriptions and it's obvious you have a vast imagination, but i'm afraid this is just not my thing, for starters is sounds more fantasy then horror and as a horror/fantasy writer myself i can find it hard to find where my ... view book

I wrote 795 days ago

Your writing style is easy to follow and your story has an interesting jumping off point; man still grieving the death of his parents and girlfriend moves to a small town, then at work one day comes face to face with an odd angelic type creature. The charter of Harry is a very down to earth sort of ... view book

I wrote 805 days ago

A good old fairy tale - literally. Your story reminds me of the fairy storys of old, which embodies magic and wonder along with adventure. Just a few crit, you have a few typo's here and there and also your grammar's a little off in places, but apart from this an enchanting tale so far :-) view book

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