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Lionel Levy is a Caribbean writer who resides in South Florida. Writing has always been his prime outlet for the stresses of life.

He can be reached at lionellevy25[at]gmail[dot]com

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I wrote 1091 days ago

Mary, I'm sure by now you know you're a very talented writer. I savored the first chapter. I think there are a few instances where you can cut back on your descriptions (...a pair of GRINNING dancers.., ...this COMPELLING video of joyful youngsters). It gets a little distracting after a while... view book

I wrote 1227 days ago

Solid writing in Chapter 2. Good touches of humor. Touching end to the chapter. Not sure you should mention what the dog walker thought the tumble down the cliff looked like (overloaded tar barrel..). Sounds a bit insensitive within that context, if you know what I mean. Below are my specifics,... view book

I wrote 1227 days ago

Pretty impressive writing in that first chapter. I have two general comments: I am no expert on children's fiction, but I'm wondering about your target audience. You would probably need to state an age range, since younger kids might have difficulty grasping some of your words. Which brings me ... view book

I wrote 1227 days ago

Good opening paragraph to Chapter 8. Good twist with the husband's car keys found in the gator. The chapter is good, but I suspect it's the least edited. Here's what I found. Her fists tightly clenched. [Her fists clenched tightly] where the cups were and the coffee... view book

I wrote 1227 days ago

Chapter 7 flows well. Below are my nits. He checked Caller ID [He checked the Caller ID] They walked to his mom's van. (At the van), he slid the door open [You don't need the (at the van) part.] The sitting room had twelve foot coffered ceiling ... view book

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