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It is a new year. A new decade! With any luck, the days of 2010 will come with an extra hour so that I can keep up with my authonomy reading!

Thanks to all who have been patient while waiting for me to take a look at your manuscripts. The end of the year was wild; with a comedy show for charity to get through, my first television appearance to survive, and several additional writing and speaking commitments to complete.

I can't promise that I'll read every day, but I will certainly try. Don't be afraid to promote your MS to me, but please forgive me if I don't promise a swap-read. I don't make promises unless I am sure I can keep them. If you would like to read Grumbles and Grins or Ashes at Grumble Bluff, I would be honored. But I will read your most excellent work whether you return the favor or not.

That's just the kind of girl I am!

favourite books

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Rosamunde Pilcher
Stephen King, the Mainer!
Ken Follett
I also love John Grisham, Wilbur Smith, Peter Watt, Tony Park, Tom Clancy, Nora Roberts, William Faulkner, Dr. Seuss...and the list goes on and on and on...
ALSO, I'll Love You Forever-- a book that I rocked my kids to sleep with for years-- by Robert Munsch

my websites

http://www.karenbesseypease.com     http://karenbesseypease.blogspot.com

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my books

Ashes at Grumble Bluff

Karen Bessey Pease

Greta has already lived through every child's worst nightmare. Now, another tough challenge confronts her. Will Katherine Anne and Greta triumph over this latest ordeal?

In the peaceful sanctuary of a forested ravine, two young girls discover the power to overcome the tests of childhood. Katherine Anne and Greta found strength and laughter in their unlikely friendship, and that alliance has changed their lives. After surviving a brutal seventh grade year, the girls think that life is surely bound to get better--that the worst is finally behind them. And then Greta's long-lost mother shows up on her doorstep and wants to take her away from everything that matters to her...her home, her beloved grandparents, and most especially, her best friend, Katherine Anne. In the serenity of Grumble Bluff, the teens find renewed strength to face the challenges of adolescence. Growing up is tough. Katherine Anne and Greta are tougher!


Grumbles and Grins

Karen Bessey Pease

Grumbles and grins. Life is jam-packed with each. And if we're lucky--and know how--we can turn even grumbles into a reason to smile.

Grumbles and grins is a journal, of sorts--a collection of tales from life in the western mountains of Maine. Each tale is true, but one or two have been embellished a bit...for my life is a simple one, and I am a writer. In order to encourage my readers to think--and more importantly, to FEEL--and with the ultimate goal of bringing a smile, a chuckle, or a chortle, I have generously utilized that expansive term, 'literary license'. I can do that, you know. I'm a writer! And really...all I want is for you to smile.


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I wrote 1694 days ago

Ah, Sandie! What a delightful tale! I was immediately in Crysaldor (or Dorinia) and anxious to begin my quest! An excellent story line with engaging characters...this is a winner, for sure. I expect you've been told this, already, but there are some things that a quick edit would pick up. I n... view book

I wrote 1703 days ago

Hi Kim! I finally made it to Invisible Justice. Thanks for your patience. I can easily see why you have a high ranking. There was nothing here that I could critique with good conscience. Your characters are believable (well...psychic abilities, aside) and their dialogue is very true-to life... view book

I wrote 1707 days ago

Karen, there are very strict rules here in Maine. The only time...and I REPEAT!...the ONLY time it is okay to be naked in high heels is when we are doing the community rain dance up on the Height of Land! The guys are simply too klutzy to wear them when they're logging or farming, and I found my s... view book

I wrote 1708 days ago

Heh. Steve. I haven't read the comments you've received, but I don't think I need to. There's nothing I could say that would be beneficial to you...you know what you're doing. I saw ONE typo...but wasn't looking all that hard. I was too busy enjoying your novel. Good job, and best wishes to ... view book

I wrote 1832 days ago

Okay, guys. I have to say, this is a fun book! I can see kids of all ages 'getting into it'! Snappy, paced well, sympathetic characters... and who wouldn't be enticed by a silver toy emitting blue light? :o) I know I wouldn't have been able to resist! There is most likely a market for this, a... view book

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