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Analytical chemist with an interest in writing and history.

I do not play Authonomy backing games. In my opinion, people who do this are simply working really-really hard for a rejection letter. I will back a story if I think it's something HarperCollins could publish and make a buck on, and for NO other reason. Sometimes I will back something if an author requests and I think it's on the edge.

Just because I backed your story does NOT mean I expect you to back my story. Conversely, just because you backed my story does NOT mean I will back your story.

Leaving room for an occasional exception, I no longer do crits. Authonomy is primarily for selling books, not critiquing books. On the other hand, this gives me much more time to rank books.

Since I no longer do crits, I don't expect crits on my work. All readers are free to just read, make a ranking decision, and leave.

I do not accept friends as the feed makes it difficult to impossible to see my own feedback.

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Jeffrey A. Corkern

The human race is finally about to wipe itself out. Everybody knows it’s coming. Nobody knows how to stop it.

It’s the day after tomorrow. Mass murder is easy, and every nutcase in the world is trying to do it . . .

Doctor Marie Chantelain is trying to make a virus that will cure her sister Anne of sickle-cell anemia. Her boss Doctor Simon Marix is secretly manufacturing and selling virus bio-weapons to Islamic terrorists. Marie catches Simon and is framed by him as a mass murderer. She escapes with help from her cop boyfriend Patrick and goes on the run from the FBI and the CIA. Together, Marie and Patrick desperately try to stop Simon before he sells yet another killer virus, a weapon Marie knows could kill every single living human with the slightest slip.

The slip happens. The Damnation Flu is let loose. The entire world goes to Hell in a heartbeat.

Marie fights to save a world she knows is about to utterly destroy itself anyway, despite all she or anyone else can do. Simon Marix is only the latest manifestation of a fundamental instability in civilization.

Mankind is acquiring absolute power---without absolute law.

To save her world, Marie will be forced to face---and solve---a problem that has threatened humanity since its very beginning.


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anada wrote 243 days ago

maryanada69@yahoo.co.uk Hi love I saw your profile today and lov....

Brian Bandell wrote 408 days ago

Hi Jeff, Will Conan make his return one day? You previously com....

kristylove wrote 416 days ago

Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

Brian Bandell wrote 640 days ago

Hi Jeff (or Conan the Grammarian), Your feedback for my novel Mute....

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Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship. I've....

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I wrote 1201 days ago

There's more raw talent in this than I've seen in quite a long time. I strongly encourage you to keep writing. The main flaw in this is lack of focus. The writer doesn't quite understand the bones of his story, what the essential elements are.It's wordy, which is a common fault with beginning wri... view book

I wrote 1205 days ago

"Of course the world is a dynamic place. It changes." Tense shift. But a lot of talent in this. I get the impression it's too easy for you to write. This feels the teensiest bit wordy. What age is this? Present-day? After an apocalypse? Far future? It's NOT clear.One of the duties of a beginni... view book

I wrote 1207 days ago

I read 1 and 2. IMO, you are telling too much, not showing. There's very little action in the second chapter. "King Richard was dead---" This is the point at which I would start the action. "I must inform you the former King Richard is dead, milady," Sir Willoughby said. "The Plantagenet li... view book

I wrote 1228 days ago

You have quite a bit to learn, Sean. You have an interesting idea, and you seem to have that certain creative spark it takes to write. You also seem to have an instinct for how to write a story. You start us off with action, in the middle of a battle scene. But you need to learn some of the ba... view book

I wrote 1229 days ago

This is a good story, but it needs a lot of sharpening. You need to work on your grammar. In particular, run-on sentences. This story would communicate much, much better with proper grammar. There's a real sense of pain here, of seeing life through the eyes of a six-year-old, but the story see... view book

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