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New novel imagines heartbreak resulting from divided India

“India Was One” presents a what-if scenario through the eyes of a divided pair of lovers struggling to make sense of a new political reality

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – “India Was One” (ISBN 1450543332), a novel by an anonymous Indian author, asks readers to imagine an India divided by politically-driven fissures, resulting in two countries – North and South India.

Readers experience this scenario through the eyes of a couple, Kaahi and Jai, and observe the effects such division would have on everyday people as well as the culture at large. The novel begins by tracing the story of Kaahi and Jai as the couple meet in a college canteen in Mumbai, fall in love, marry and move to the United States. Their life is just turning into the happily-ever-after storybook that they had hoped when they hear the news that India has been divided, with their families on either side of the new border. As they return separately to India to be with their respective families in a time of crisis, the couple is divided and confronted with the very real fact that they might not see each other again.

“This is a story about friendship, patriotism and sacrifice for country in an imagined, but very possible, future for India,” says the author. “India is in conflict between secular and fundamentalist influences that could very well lead to division of our beloved homeland.”

The author of the novel prefers to remain anonymous so that readers will be able to enjoy his story without being influenced by his personal details such as his community of origin or his caste. Available in India on Pothi.com and written to convey true love for the land and culture of his birth, the novel is intended to cause readers to think about how such division can be avoided.

“India Was One” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

The book in now available in India at http://pothi.com/pothi/book/indian-india-was-one
I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. I came to the US in 1989 to New York. I currently reside in Los Angeles with my wife and two children.
email: author@indiawasone.com
Follow us: www.Twitter.com/IndiaWasOne

• "India was One" is a page turner that I wasn't able to put down. – Reader comments on Amazon.

• From the first page to the very last, I was glued to the book. – Reader comments on Amazon.

• Superb illustration seamlessly depicts the essence of the developing plot! Loved the book.... – Reader comments on Amazon.

• The author has now managed to put India on my bucket list of places to visit. I wish all my geography books had been written like this - I might have learnt more. – Reader comments on Amazon.

• If you are an Indian-American who was born in the U.S. and grew up here, you will also understand a bit more about how your parents and other extended family members from India think. Those who grew up in India will relate to the story and the characters in the story immediately. – Reader comments on Amazon.

• Reading India Was One, was like entering through a hidden portal, the reader is introduced to the rich heritage of India – Reader comments on Smashwords.

• There is growing popularity of South Asian culture and spirituality as evidenced by the growth of Bollywood, Yoga, Curry and Kirtan in the US. Bestselling books like Eat, Pray Love and The Life of PI have capitalized on that interest. In India Was One the author provides the reader with an inside view of that culture. – Reader comments on Smashwords.

• I was touched by the utterly simplistic narrative – both in style and content. It comes straight from the heart and the message is not camouflaged in a verbal cloak. – India Post Review.

• Ultimately, “India Was One” makes a statement about national identity and unity. In an age of separatism and faction, this message is becoming increasingly relevant for both Indians and NRIs – India West Review.

Given the transforming social and economic structures in present day India, which are essentially molded, if not influenced by the extremely vitiating political atmosphere, the author - as any immigrant Indian that yearns for his homeland - extends an arm of concern to reach out to Indians and caution them of the drastic consequences of a divided India.

By remaining anonymous, the author hopes the readers understand him only as an Indian and not by his name, community or caste.

One - India Was One

Two - The Canteen

Three - Career

Four - India vs. Pakistan

Five - The Wedding

Six - Rajasthan

Seven - Mumbai

Eight - America

Nine - The House

Ten - Life in America

Eleven - The potluck

Twelve - Europe

Thirteen - The News

Fourteen - Going to India

Fifteen - India

Sixteen - The Bungalow on 6th Road

Seventeen - The Border

Eighteen - India Is One

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India Was One

An Indian

Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries?

…Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss. He squinted his eyes to see what it was. He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was. Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus. He had come as far as he could in his country. But she was standing in another country.

He was in South India and she was in North India…

Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries? What happens to the millions of Indians who are from South India but are now residing in North India? Kaahi & Jai were two such people who got trapped in this situation. Everything was going smoothly for them and suddenly, their world turned upside down.

How will they get together? Will India become one again?

Take an exciting journey with them from their college days in Mumbai to their life in the US and back to India when they find out that India is divided.


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