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I'm a lifelong lover of books and stories in general. Was a somewhat precocious writer as a child (a play I wrote at age 8 was financed and produced by the electric company) but fell away from it. Spent my young adulthood as a stand-up comedian, forklift driver, bank loan officer, and professional fighter (won a championship and a few state titles along the way.) Recently rediscovered my love of writing and have focused my energies toward becoming the best writer/storyteller I can be.

Principles for a hard job:
1- Start now
2- Work every day
3- Finish

favourite books

The Knockout Artist; Body; A Feast of Snakes - Harry Crews
Clockers; Samaritan - Richard Price
The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen
Dirty White Boys; Point of Impact - Stephen Hunter
Bust; Slide; The Max - Jason Starr and Ken Bruen
Cutter and Bone - Newton Thornburg
Rum Punch; Maximum Bob; - Elmore Leonard
King Suckerman - George Pelecanos

Punisher MAX series - Garth Ennis
Watchmen; Top Ten - Alan Moore
The Authority - Warren Ellis and Mark Millar
Transmetropolitan - Warren Ellis
Criminal - Ed Brubaker
Y: The Last Man - Brian K. Vaughn

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God's Checking Account

Matt Rogers

A desperate televangelist's search for the donor of a stolen check leads him through the darker corners of the human experience.

Superstar televangelist Jeremiah Jackson is emotionally and spiritually shredded, having spent the last decade walking the razor-wire tightrope separating the church's divine connection and it's practical need for money.

When he learns of a stolen check among the church donations, Jackson is convinced that finding and helping the donor is the key to his spiritual renewal. He enlists the aid of undercover narcotics officer Walter Sano, unaware that Sano's despondency may very well exceed his own.

Sano soon develops his own private reasons for finding the donor--reasons that conflict with Jackson's.

On a search spanning the backwoods of Mississippi, the grimy glamour of Los Angeles, and the 24-hour glow of "Sin City," the pair experience a series of increasingly dangerous situations, crossing the paths of bounty hunters, an ex-con journalist, a pentitent pornographer, a motorcycle gang, and Vegas-based mobsters.

"God's Checking Account" is complete at approximately 100,000 words.


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Kathrin Allen wrote 366 days ago

Dear Matt I don't imagine you will remember this, but a few years ....

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I wrote 1607 days ago

You've done a great job of capturing and rendering a true 'southern' feel in your writing. I'm actually really enjoying reading this. I skipped ahead to chapter 6 like you asked and the section with the preacher felt entirely plausible and realistic. I especially liked how you mentioned how many ... view book

I wrote 1627 days ago

This is great...you have a very smooth style of writing that is easy to follow and get involved with the story. My only advice for you (if you are interested) is to watch out for redundancies and occasional word-repetitions. Other than that I have nothing to point out. I could envision all that yo... view book

I wrote 1674 days ago

Wonderfully original concept and the writing is quite polished. Good work! view book

I wrote 1770 days ago

Wow, Michelle! I have to admit that I did not think that was going to be so intense! There was so much tension under the surface, leading up to the attack. Then, as it occurred and afterward, as Elena's being taken away by the paramecis, I caught myself taking only half-breaths! That's a good si... view book

I wrote 1771 days ago

Wow, this is some weird stuff. Maybe one of the strangest opening I've ever read, period. But it's also good. Quite good, actually. Matt view book

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