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I had a few books published before.
They sold very well but only a few people seemed to enjoy them. (Maybe that's because they were Mathematics text books.)

This book, Hezekiah, is an attempt to write something that looks like a book of the Bible.

Of course, it is in no way as clever as what God inspired, but lots of people have found it funny, thought-provoking and challenging (mostly just funny).

I've sold some through Amazon and its self-publishing arm - Create Space...but I've put it back on Authonomy in the hope of attracting a publisher.


favourite books

Genesis - compiled by Moses
Ephesians by Paul
Revelation by John
Catch 22 by Joseph (the other one)
The Goon Show Scripts by Spike (the only one!)

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Ian Kammann

Hezekiah...an often quoted, but fictional, book of the Bible.

"Turn your Bibles to Hezekiah, Chapter 3." ...it sounds right...but Hezekiah is not a book of the Bible.

This little book of Hezekiah contains a collection of verses that people think are in the Bible...but are not. The verses have been organised into chapters, with subtitles and notes...just like a Study Bible!

Now, when someone says "God helps those who help themselves." you can give them the reference - Hez 4:2. That is, of course, if you can remember the reference. As Hez 3:16 reminds us, "Some chapter and verse references are easier to remember than others."

The complete book, along with all the trimmings - Timeline, Illustrations, Concordance and, of course, the obligatory Maps - can be purchased from www.hezekiah.com.au


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I wrote 86 days ago

Hi Pat I found so much that I could relate to in your recalling of your experience growing up in a church community. I like that you encourage people to read the Bible, although I think in Chapter 12 where you say to skim over the bits about temple dimensions (for example)...I would have preferred ... view book

I wrote 503 days ago

Even further south...I'm Australian. view book

I wrote 642 days ago

An interesting journey which is well told. Thanks for sharing. One question is from Chpt 3.You list ways that you hear God but you didn't include the Bible in that list? view book

I wrote 690 days ago

Hi Elizabeth I am happy to back your collection of funny incidents. They are well told and, although they more often produced a sympathetic groan than a laugh, I kept reading to see what else could happen in your family. A most entertaining read. Ian view book

I wrote 722 days ago

Hezekiah's origins were discussed in the book itself, but the book's claims have recently been challenged by the most progressive of modern scholars. view book

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