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I am a travel journalist. I enjoy walking, skiing, sub-aqua but my passions are reading and writing.
At the moment I am trying to help new writers get a fair deal.
Authonomy appears to offer opportunities for critical assistance, real feedback and the possibility of a critique by Harper Collins editors for the lucky few.
My concern is that there are some members of the site, abusing the system by telling newbies blatant untruths in order to get book backings.
Be careful! Do not believe everything you are told. Use your Common Sense.
Finally, always remember that Writers NEED Readers!

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shushababy wrote 527 days ago

Hello dear Am mostly impressed by your profile in this dating My n....

Jennie Lyne Hiott wrote 1222 days ago

Hi Vernon, I'm not usually one to pitch my books, but I am desperate....

strathis wrote 1225 days ago

Hi Vernon, thanks for your advice. It's all a bit intimidating but I ....

Edwardes wrote 1228 days ago

Thanks for your advice, all of which sounds very sensible.

Daniel Prokop wrote 1228 days ago

Hi Vernon thank you for your message and for your thoughtful comment.....

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