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Spend a lot of time living out of a backpack, sitting on chapel floors in the lotus position, wondering why we're all here.

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Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Kite Runner, The Bell, Lady Oracle, Dubliners, Vilette, The Golden Notebook

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Kicking the Habit

Verity Worthington

Life behind holy bars and the journey to freedom

As a twenty-one-year-old postulant at the Abbey of St Clare, Miriam is uncertain about her vocation. The community is led by a plump and greedy woman called Mother Hildegard, whose stomach is her main priority. There is Sr Chiara the harsh novice mistress, and Sr Juliana - an ex hippy who turned down a place at Oxford in favour of the messiah. Faraway in Shropshire, Miriam's parents are devastated at their daughters actions.
During a week's retreat Miriam reflects on what led her to the cloister, and whether a life behind the grille is for her. Her decision may come as a surprise, as the reader explores a world of boundaries, both physical and emotional, and how rough a road it is to freedom.


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I wrote 1792 days ago

Thank you all so much for these comments and suggestions; just to let you know I'm off to the Philippines for three weeks so may be a bit silent on authonomy- currently typing from a very dodgy keyboard in Bahrain airport! I'll be back, September 11th, so keep reading! Verity view book

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