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I'm a college lecturer in ESOL. I have been teaching English for about 27 years. I have written numerous teaching materials, some of which have been published, and I'm working on a new series of books under the series title of The Latin Heart of English, which focuses on the huge volume of words in modern English which are derived from Latin.

I love playing with computers, programming and creating new website ideas and multimedia projects. I also love football and racing, reading about science and technology, going to the cinema, travelling and learning languages. I speak French, Spanish, German, Greek, Russian and Portuguese with varying degrees of proficiency. I also listen to all kinds of music, especially Brazilian.

My dream is to make lots of money so that I can buy and run my favourite football team, Brentford, and own a string of racehorses, so, of course, I'll never do it.

favourite books

My all time favourite from when I was a hippie teenager is Lord of the Rings. I have also read the Gormenghast trilogy more than once, as well as things like the Earthsea series. I have read quite a lot of Sci Fi, including Stranger in a Strange Land and Dune.

At university I read a lot of Russian literature, and my favourite book is Lermontov 's Hero of our Time, though I also think The Possessed (also the Devils) is incredibly powerful. I've been through phases and read people like Maugham, which i enjoyed, but I'm by no means an expert on English Lit.

I love popular science books and books on language and linguistics. I value anything which supports science and reason and which can help expose and refute the incoherent ramblings of the creationist and intelligent design lobby.

my websites

http://www.iced-ink.com     http://www.theotherdictionary.info

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my books

Is That Really What It Means?

Marc Loewenthal

A light-hearted, humorous and irreverent look at the origins and history of a selection of words in the English language

The English language has a supremely rich vocabulary, with a documented history going back hundreds of years. Although by origin and nature a Germanic language, English has absorbed huge quantities of words from French and Latin, as well as from a wide variety of other languages, and made them its own. Many of these words have a long and checkered history, changing their pronunciation and meanings radically, with the result that their modern forms and meanings often bear little resemblance to their original ones. This book takes a selection of these words and plays with them, tracing changes that have occured through history and imagining that their original meanings were still applicable today. It is said that every picture tells a story. The same is true of words - even more so. Each of these words carries within it a small but significant piece of the cultural, social, political, physical, psychological philosophical and religious history of Britain, Europe and much of the world. The aim of the book is to inform, entertain, intrigue and amuse. I hope you, the reader, will agree.


The Other Dictionary

Marc Loewenthal

The only other dictionary you'll ever need. Now available as print on demand or as an ebook from my website liondale.com

Many English dictionaries have been compiled over the years, each one adding to the vast knowledge of our language and enhancing our understanding of the words which make up our vibrant and ever-changing vocabulary. This dictionary is like no other in the history of the English language. It is the result of painstaking and in-depth research into previously unknown aspects of a body of English vocabulary. This research has uncovered new meanings and interpretations of established words and terms which expand their richness and versatility.

The entries in this dictionary, when properly used, will open up new horizons and possibilities for you to incorporate these meanings into your everyday spoken and written repertoire. Perhaps they will even inspire and encourage you to discover new meanings of already established terms. So, why The Other Dictionary? Simple. Every dictionary is based on the same type of word meaning. You can look at them all and you will find more or less the same analysis. In this dictionary, however, you will encounter a whole new level of meaning, recorded nowhere else. Eventually, it will become just the other dictionary that you consult when you need a new the meaning to an old word.


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Hi Shampoooop It's not an inside joke, just plays on words and expressions that lend themselves to alternative pronunciations, which then suggest the definitions I have written. Play around with saying the words and you'll see what I mean. Marc view book

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