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Amy was born in London but raised in Milton Keynes and works full time in her Local Authority.

***Please note that I have gone back to the drawing board with Bleeding Heart-Broken Soul and will be updating it as it's revised. So, if you dont just want to read the first few Chapters, please check back shortly and there will be more***

I have had a few queries lately as to why I dont chat a lot on here and network like so many Authonomers do. The answer is simple, I dont want to get the ED on false merit and there are not enough hours in the day. If I log on and see someone has backed my work I will send my thanks but I work a 40hr week and have a very large family who I also need to talk to and spend time with.
I dont ever expect to reach the ED as its all very political on here and I rarely see books make it there that deserve to purely on their writing, this whole 'you back, I back' nature is unfair on those who cannot spend all day every day networking. Also, only having a g.c.s.e in English probably means my book isnt very worthy of publishing.
Anywho, I am me and this is my writing :)
If you want me to specifically read or comment on your work then feel free to ask, I will swap but expect the asker to go first.

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Jeaniene Frost- The Night Huntress Novels
Rachel Vincent- The Werecat Series

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Bleeding Heart - Broken Soul

A Savage

She was a perfectly normal 22-year old woman with a good job and a loving fiance, until the day she died...

Set in modern day Milton Hill, a City comes to life as the home of a whole other world.

Eve is attacked on her way home from work and is inches from death when Nexus, a scarily dangerous and attractive Vampire changes her and turns her world upside down.

Alive and not breathing, Eve must make some drastic lifestyle and dietary changes, but quickly discovers that having fangs and drinking blood is the least of her worries.

With her attackers still wanting her dead, Eve is drawn to her saviour and things get complicated as she falls for him. Hard.

And when a treacherous member of his Coven threatens her trust in her only ally, Eve begins to realise just how dangerous lies and disbelief can be.

Does Nex love her or did he simply use her to his own gain?

Can Eve survive long enough to discover the truth and forgive herself for the things she has no control over?


A Raw Nerve

A Savage

Do you really get to make your own fate, or is destiny just the sneakiest bitch on earth?

How do the choices we make affect our lives?
Are all our experiances due to something we have done, or something that we couldn't control?

Is there a difference between life and death or pleasure and pain? Innocence and guilt?

Kasey McGregor is 15 when she first truly realises how malicious the world, and the people in it can be. It's going to take a miracle to save herself and her heart from the darkness she invited into her life.
When Kasey is 18, things are... different. Something seems just that little bit too good to be true, and it probably is. She's coming to a crossroad and there's some difficult decisions to make. If she doesn't lose herself, who will she lose instead?

How many times can a heart be cracked before it is broken beyond repair?
How much pain can one soul endure before it stops healing?

Kasey McGregor is the ultimate lesson in bad choices and bad romance.

Based on a true story.


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Anthony Brady wrote 165 days ago

A. Savage - Hello again, I am actively forging ahead to the Edito....

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Hi Amy I thought since it is my birthday month (May) I would contact....

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I wrote 1025 days ago

There is something very personal in this story. It is deep and has had me hooked from the beginning. I wish I could write like this. When my friends read the first few chapters of my work they told me that they could see me in it, it is a work of fiction but I think most creative and imaginative wri... view book

I wrote 1181 days ago

Oh my gosh! I'm almost speechless. The intricacy and power of your words is indescribable. I was hooked from the first chapter, as dark and disturbing as it is. You have such a great talent and flare with words that it is impossible not to be captivated by your decriptive paragraphs. This book is d... view book

I wrote 1669 days ago

Captivating and intelligent. I will be back to read more! Backed :) view book

I wrote 1669 days ago

I loved every page. Backed! :) view book

I wrote 1680 days ago

Intriguing and delicious. Positively thrilling. Backed! view book

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