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Len Deighton about “Blood Money”: “a first-class thriller”.

I am looking for a publisher or representation for my topical and thrilling novel, “Blasphemy!”, favourably received by my peers on Authonomy.

Contact: gill. azam@univ-tlse2.fr

A hard-working, dedicated, and disciplined writer, I have worked with two in-house editors for my published novels, “Blood Money” and “Flight to Pakistan”.

Both editors were satisfied working with me.

I can meet deadlines and other commitments.

An English lecturer in France, I wrote my Master's thesis on Mario Puzo and Doctoral dissertation on William Faulkner after serving in the French Foreign Legion.

My three non-fiction publications are “Jail Reforms”, “Army Reforms”, and “Winds of Change”.

favourite books

The Ipcress File, Blood Money, Flight to Pakistan, The Jackal, Bugles and a Tiger, Huck Finn, Flags in the Dust, The Last Mughal, History of Jats, History of the Punjab, Midnight’s Children, Train to Pakistan, Khushwant Singh’s History of Sikhs and biography of Ranjit Singh, Freckles, The Godfather, From Here to Eternity, To Hell and Back, The Inheritance of Loss, The God of Small Things, The Talisman, The Three Musketeers, The Deceivers, A Matter of Honour, Collaborator.

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Azam Gill

Little Muthkar's life is in mortal danger, caught in Pakistan’s lethal combination of class and communal conflict, inequality, intolerance, fundamentalism and jihad.

This is the story of two ill fated lovers, trapped in the dangerous world of the fallout from the Afghan Jihad in Pakistan.

Louisa Skimmer is a lecturer in English literature. An urban, middle class daughter of a distinguished police officer, she studies at Lahore's most prestigious ladies' college.

Piaro Masih learns trade craft at his father's feet. He inherits his rural family's role as a bandit and smuggler in the Punjab's heartland.

Can their love survive in the conflict between Islam and Christianity, caste and social class, East and West, theocracy and secularism?

Testing their limits, considering the condition of women in Pakistani society and the excesses of orthodoxy and fundamentalism, events race to a tragic and blasphemous conclusion.

The only witness is a child who must be protected.


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From Hugs to Kisses. Accessible narrative, peppery dialogue and a zany storyline make it a delightful read. Azam Gill "Blasphemy!" view book

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The Oak Tower. Unhurried prose, appropriate to the story and its panoramic approach to time, describes scenes that convey a fine balance of illusion and reality over a sub-text that titillates thought. Backed. Azam Gill “Blasphemy!” view book

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