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My eyes burn.
I jam the snooze button on my old fashion alarm clock.
I need to get up
I am already running late.

Oh well.
I do not actually need a job.
A house, or a car, or food.
None of that really matters,
what matters is sleep
and the fact that I have had none.

That is not true.
It matters.
Someone convince me.
I literately roll out of bed and into my floor as I argue internally about the importance of a job.
I give in and get ready for work.

The sun is too bright, who decided this was allowed?
Can't they turn it down?
Oh. Sunglasses.
Better, but where are my keys.
Inside of course.
Now I am really late.

Since when did I decide it was a good Idea to live in Narnia.
Dirt roads are stupid.
If I speed I die, eternal rest sounds nice.
No Abbey, keep driving.

Train tracks that block the road to the highway?
Usually not an issue.
Today of course there is a train.
A long one.
I begin to fade.
Nap time?
No, train is over, highway time.

Quarter of tank of gas.
I should make it.
There at least.
Oh look!

What is this person doing?
Let me on the freeway!
Oh. my. gosh. I hate you.
and you.
Speed up or slow down, just let me on!
I've stopped.
I am now just sitting here on the side of the freeway.
Wait, oh thank you!
At least someone on this freeway has a brain.

Radio. No.
Cd's. Maybe.
But what?
Spent too much time deciding.
Now I hate every CD I own.
Radio it is.

Twenty minuets gone.
A good morning death scare,
and empty tank of gas.
I made it.

Parking spot?
Not a close one.
Of course, that would be far too easy.
Name tag?
It's on my dresser at home!
Abigail, I swear!

Oh well, I'll write my name on my forehead.
It has to count right?
What time is it?
I. am. so. late.

I am stressed.
I hate feeling stressed.
I hate being late.
I am never late.

Something is not right.
I keep walking
I am not moving.

The sound of my alarm rings close to my ear.
I pick up my phone and hit dismiss.
What is today?
My off day.

I should have known that it was a dream.
I don't even have an old fashion alarm clock...


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There are so many. I love any dramatic, romance, mystery, crazy twist ending type of story.

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Christine Lindsay

Five years have passed.
The Uprising is over.
Humans are safe now in the city.

Braxley begrudgingly prepares to take over The City of Brighton from his father.
Nia has reluctantly accepted her life in The Forbidden Yore Lands.
Unaware of each other and miles apart, their discontented lives are viciously connected.
Tribulations begin that force them together.
Secrets are spilled that tear them apart.
No one expects the terror that follows.
Nothing can stop what they’ve started.


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I wrote 735 days ago

I love the relationship between Nathan and Toby. Very real, very brother. Finished Chapter two and If I had time I would read on. I will tomorrow for sure! As far as word error I am no help, grammar is my enemy. :) Anyway just wanted to let you know I was taking a look. More on this later. ... view book

I wrote 754 days ago

I like this a lot. I am reading at work which means I go back and forth from reading to work to reading to work and still doing that I could easily follow your story. Which is important to me because this is how I do most my reading. The prologue had me hooked. I will definitely continue reading. view book

I wrote 806 days ago

Okay. I am interested and wish I didn't have laundry to do so I could continue reading. I do intend to return tomorrow for more. As soon as I dust off my shelf this one should have a place on it. Christine. Aniron view book

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