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I am a sometime art historian, actor, picture editor and journalist who's now a deputy-editor of a UK magazine

I'd like to apologise to everyone who has taken the time to comment on my book Swimming Naked, because as it turns out I just don't have time to visit the site regularly and promote it or, more importantly, read other people's work in return. In view of this I've taken the difficult decision to make it private.
However I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of those who added kind comments and encouragements. Every one of them have been helpful and valuable. I will still visit the site when I get the time, and I look forward to reading more great writing on here in the future.

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Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Wuthering Heights, A Tale of Two Cities, Seven Victorian Poets, What Maisie Knew, Very Good Jeeves, Jamaica Inn, The Colossus of Maroussi, Herzog, Birdsong, Cock and Bull, The Gentleman's Daughter, In Search of Shakespeare

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TheFourHorsemenSeries wrote 375 days ago

I'm leaving authonomy. Just don't really have the time. Have enjoyed ....

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Lara wrote 556 days ago

Hi, I have backed your book again, you may have noticed. You may hav....

jlbwye wrote 572 days ago

Hello again Toe... I'm doing one of my periodic 'audits' of the Hist....

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I wrote 646 days ago

I had a cursory look at this and I have found it extremely well-written and compelling. But to be honest, for me, even such obvious writing quality is a little overshadowed by the breathtakingly inane comments that have been added by Brigitte_2 below. I seem to have fallen through a time warp back t... view book

I wrote 648 days ago

Beautifully observed and uniquely styled, this is a very emotionally involving evocation of childhood tragedy. I've not read anything else quite like this on authonomy - its almost poetic narrative style is quite delightful. I've read three chapters so far and already I'm hooked by it's lyrical path... view book

I wrote 648 days ago

This is potentially very interesting. You clearly have done your research, and developed some interesting theories. But as a book, so far (I've only read chapters one and two) I think it needs work to make it reader-friendly to a layman. The best science books for the general reader work because the... view book

I wrote 664 days ago

Hugely entertaining romp so far (end of chapter 5) with lots of delightful word-play and clever wit. I thought it was an extremely well written and originally styled piece. My only suggestion would be that although the chapters flow by, with lots of enjoyable new characters being introduced, I'm not... view book

I wrote 672 days ago

This is very intriguing stuff - I really enjoyed it but was disappointed you have only uploaded two chapters (thought they are long). Your writing is deliciously rich - very high quality - and my only caveats would be some tweaks to the structure. I felt chapter one was too slow to get going for th... view book

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