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Working on something very new... It involves a rather exciting new heroine or anti-heroine, revolution and mayhem... It's very early doors but maybe soon I will upload a preview.

To my friends who have never forgotten me and continue to support CoT, Thank you xxx

I write...

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favourite books

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Penman

Here be Dragons by Sharon Penman

Emma by Jane Austen

Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, the collected poems of William Blake

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Crown of Thorns

Emily Cameron

Their marriage united two dynasties and made England strong. But discord reigned. Could love truly bloom amongst the thorns?

Henry Tudor was born of royal blood. He was the son of Margaret Beaufort and the last living Lancastrian heir to the throne of England. Exiled to Brittany with the rise of the Yorkist house, and growing under the shadow of the French king, Henry determined his time would come. Now, it had.

England was in turmoil; a murderer had taken the throne, true princes were dead and only Henry could free the country from the grip of a traitor. Could he conquer the country, the populace and woo a Yorkist princess? Or was he destined, like his ancestors before him, to fail? He only knew he was prepared to die trying…

Elizabeth of York, princess of the realm and beloved daughter of Edward IV had been foretold her destiny; She would marry her enemy, bear him a dynasty that had no rival and would love him from this world into the next. Elizabeth, however, was not a fatalist. Her path may have been pre-ordained but that did not mean she had to submit to it. She was not sure how she would evade her fate; she only knew that she was prepared to die trying…

This is their story.


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Slings 'n' Arrows wrote 22 hours ago

You're welcome. Was going to comment and then noticed my comment from....

Andreea Daia wrote 1 day ago

Hi Emily– Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science-....

AliyaM.books wrote 1 day ago

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AliyaM.books wrote 1 day ago

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I wrote 22 days ago

Ok so I have read 2 of the 3(!) chapters posted. What are you trying to do to me? I want more NOW please, :) Enjoyable and perfectly suited to the genre you are aiming it at. It reads fluently and your characters have soul and likeability , I know it's not a proper word but I am a writer I can ma... view book

I wrote 22 days ago

A very polished first draft. The writing flows smoothly and the tense, so hard to write in first person present, is effortlessly contrived. I like the premise of the book and your pitch certainly drew me in. Sights, sounds and smells all catered for and strong characters make this an easy read, som... view book

I wrote 28 days ago

Love this book, love the writing style, love the laughter it brought forth from my lips, love it... view book

I wrote 28 days ago

Lost myself in this book, though the mother rages inside me. On my shelf Emily Cameron Crown of Thorns view book

I wrote 28 days ago

Ooo I like this, it really get's into your head... Well written, flowing style and a plot that twists and turns...I will be back for more. Starred and on my shelf. Emily Cameron Crown of Thorns view book

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