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I’ve been: political analyst, historian, globetrotter, hunter, sky diver, demolition expert, reader, art dealer, plant manager, professor, real estate speculator, pilot, market researcher, contraband runner, ‘70s rocker, archaeologist, unpublished poet, the ugly American, horse racer, heart breaker, mind blower…and lately I’m trying to become a writer.

TO KILL A DEAD MAN is a finished, 105,000 words, historical spy/story

favourite books

Selecting a few from thousands is not easy but I’ll try.
Chesapeake and The Covenant (Michener)
Armageddon (Uris)
The Agony and The Ecstasy (Stone)
Nobel House (Clavell)
Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (le Care)
The Story of a Real Man (Polevoy)
Message to Garcia (Hubbard)
The Prophet (Gibran)
The list would be endless.

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To Kill a Dead Man

Dan D. Andreescu

A story about Saddam's Iraq, the doubles who died in his place, the Mukhabarat, the CIA and a Russian oil tsar with a special agenda.

When a head of state threatens to unleash weapons of mass destruction the White House orders executive action and the CIA sends in their prize assassins.

The American Clint Vaughan and the British Mike Shannon were the best that the Phoenix program ever produced. For years each acted as his country’s first line of defense—eliminating enemies, both foreign and domestic. But as the Cold War faded from the headlines, the two retired into anonymity.

Men who live or die by their own rules, they are not only perfectly suited for the job but also expendable. Their assignment: to penetrate Iraq’s Mukhabarat and terminate with extreme prejudice the rogue dictator. As if that isn't enough, they must also discover who supplied the weaponry.

When the laboriously masterminded plan falls apart, the two are left to their own devices. With the bravado of the abandoned they determine to execute the mission. However, they don’t expect to be sold out by the very people who employ them.

Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and returned in kind.


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I wrote 774 days ago

Hi Randall, Read a few chapters and browsed a lot more. The character’s name took me to Turgenev, as it would many a reader, and I would suggest a change (unless you intend to claim that Ivan plagiarized). Let’s talk about your story. Good start and nice intro of your MC. That said, I didn’t f... view book

I wrote 774 days ago

Hi John Started reading your book and found myself grabbed and held by the story—which is a good sign. The background is one of relative recent historical significance (to some), but I just don’t know much of a readership it could attract. On the plus side, your wordsmithing elevates it to more tha... view book

I wrote 792 days ago

You’re doing what you’re supposed to with a thriller—great, grabbing opener and a continuation of fast paced and tension filled story. The voice’s there, and so is the balance between character description, narration, and dialogue. I only read the first 3 chapters but I can say that you know your ... view book

I wrote 792 days ago

Hi, Let’s start with the beginning. Nice writing, good visual (showing), strong character description, but all narrator’s voice (you could use some internal dialogue for more balance). Now, my problem is that you list it as a thriller—and the pace, and lack of suspense/tension, doesn’t grab me enou... view book

I wrote 797 days ago

Haven’t been on this site in ages. I came back to look and browse some thrillers. I only had time for a few chapters; liked your voice (especially the way you handle dialogue). For a thriller, the pace is a little slow (in my opinion). Consider spicing it up with some action—maybe a Prologue which... view book

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