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Thomas W. Balderston is a lay writer of religious books, oriented to foundational elements is believing and having faith in Jesus Christ, understanding the Trinity, knowing we exist for a reason and have a purpose. Everyone is encouraged to develop a relationship with the Lord which can be had through the revealed presence of the Trinity in the Holy Bible. Two books have been written, Wake Up! Wake Up! – The Testimony of a Layman, and The Proven God (National Release - January 2011 - Tate Publications; now available via his website). He actively blogs at www.TomBalderston.Wordpress.com and has for some time focused on the subject: Understanding Islam. Emails can be sent via the website or by comments made at the Wordpress blog posting internet site.

favourite books

[1] The Story of Christianity – Volume 1 – The Early Church and the Dawn of the Reformation, by Justo L. Gonzalez, Harper Collins, NY, NY, 1984; [2] More Than A Theory, by Hugh Ross, Bake Books, Grand Rapids, MI. 2009; [3] Can Man Live Without God, Ravi Zacharias, 1994, Word Publishing, Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN.; [4] No One Sees God, by Michael Novak, Doubleday, NY, NT, 2008; [5] Heresy, by Alister McGrath, HarperOne, NY, NY 2009; [6] The Prodigal God, by Tim Keller; [7] Faith, by Chuck Colson, [8] Lee Strobel books, and more.

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http://www.TomBalderston.com     http://www.TomBalderston.wordpress.com

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my books

The Wonder of Terra

Thomas W. Balderston

The formation of the cosmos from the dimension-eternal by the Great Soul Roy and the challenges to humans of life on Terra is detailed.

The story introduces Roy, a being in dimension-eternal, as the Engineer of the cosmos. It attempts to represent the big bang creation, the advent of space and time, the DNA formula for humans, humans and their purpose. In it Roy confronts Niles, his adversary, and provides insight into the nihilistic role Niles plays challenging the Great Soul that is Roy. Roy makes the effort to know his humans and challenges them to provide for his cosmos. He offers eternal riches and the means to achieve such an end. The cosmos has a limited life as its dynamic suggests an end. What will happen at the end is clairifed. Niles raises an army to fight Roy. Hope for mankind is offered. Faith is presented in a parallel to much of biblical teaching and scientific accounts. The obstacles to believing are put forward. The attempt is to challenge the mind to think biblically from a perspective without mentioning the Bible or God.

Christians, Seekers and non-Believers will find a new focus for their faith, to grow, to develop, to expose, and to say thanks God for all you have done for mankind


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I wrote 1084 days ago

- Thank you. Point well taken. Tom B. view book

I wrote 1192 days ago

Christian reads are needed and most valuable to opening and keeping open the eyes of mankind. There is meaning to the Bible, in it we have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the Lord. You make more clear Christ's innocence and saving grace. Tom Balderston The Wonder of Terra view book

I wrote 1211 days ago

Interesting. Let me know when complete. Tom Balderston The Wonder of Terra view book

I wrote 1211 days ago

For all who have visited Israel - inspiring. Israel has become a pilgrimmage locale for millions. Tom Balderston The Wonder of Terra view book

I wrote 1212 days ago

Forgiveness story - always worth of consideration. Let me know when more complete. Tom Balderston The Wonder of Terra view book

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