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Writing has always been my passion, and I have spent many year juggling the art of gaining a tolerable education with creating stories for my own entertainment. Like so many others, fanfiction has provided the calm waters for my efforts for many years.

The call of original fiction has been evaded for quite some time, and my efforts as of 2011 are relatively few. Back in 2003 I wrote my first short story “Found” and was delighted and surprised when it won a quarter finalist place in the Writers of the Future competition.

Since that time I focussed on getting a degree or two and starting a family, and it ws not until 2010 that I entered National Novel Writing Month and began Relic, my first full-length original manuscript.

Relic garnered some preliminary interest from literary agents, but as yet it remain s unpublished. If you want to read more of it than is posted on authonomy, please check out my writing portfolio at http://gracebertram.com.

When I’m not writing, I’m busy preparing my toddler for the hectic world of school, keeping my husband fed and happy, and running my own business. However, I gravitate back towards the written word like a moth to a flame and can often be found at my keyboard at random hours of the day and night.

Apparently this behaviour is quite normal.

favourite books

Terrier - Tamora Pierce
The Gift - Alison Croggon
Lord of the Rings - Tolkein
Maximum Ride - James Patterson
Discworld Series - Terry Pratchett

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A.B. Knight

Everyone knows the rule: stay inside the Wall, but to sixteen-year-old Tisha Tremayne, the city of Relic isn't a sanctuary. It's a prison.

Tisha does not believe the Realm Riders' stories about the monsters that lurk beyond the city. Every day she looks at the steep, towering wall that surrounds the city of Relic, and she swears she will find out what lies on the other side.

She never stopped to think that she might see too much.

When her father is taken by inhuman attackers, Tisha realises the worlds beyond the Wall are more dangerous than anyone imagined. With the help of the Realm Riders, including her best friend Cayle and the charismatic Falco, she sets out to unravel the mysteries surrounding Relic and return her father to her side.
Complete manuscript approx. 96,000 words. First five chapters uploaded to Authonomy.


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I wrote 1330 days ago

Reply to HC Review: It is great to finally have some concrete feedback and areas of improvement from someone within the publishing industry. I shall bear these thoughts in mind as I continue to improve both Relic and work on other projects. Thank you for taking the time to read this section of Re... view book

I wrote 1356 days ago

A strong and engaging start to what promises to be an excellent YA fantasy read. Abi xxx view book

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This is an excellent premise. Thoroughly engaging and backed! Abi xxx view book

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This is a lovely unique premise, and it seems that you have done your research into the lifestyle, lending this an edge of realism that makes it all the more engaging. Backed with pleasure, Abi xxx view book

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I think this has an excellent balance of a diverse genre span. Horror, fantasy and comedy are hard to balance, but I was delighted by what I read here. Excellent work, and backed with pleasure. Abi xxx view book

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