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Third year of retirement. Writing more all the time. Have seven novels posted on Kindle and Create Space. If you would like to check them out, kind reviews would be very appreciated.

The Milch Bride, posted on here two years ago, much revised with suggestions and help from members of the Authonomy Romance group. Now available at http://www.Amazon.com/dp/B00JC6DOLK

Killing the Darlings is a project written during 2013 NaNoWriMos. It's a horror story that begins with a home invasion, but is really about a loving couple who realize they are old and have to learn to cope.

Edge of Night, is a romantic suspense novel completed in January this year and revised with members of my local writers group. http://www.Amazon.com/dp/B00J0LLQC6

Chimera Pass is a recent book that began as a screenplay and I converted it into novel form in April, 2014. It's a western, horror story. Available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KALJYRY

Will Henry was my second project during April's Camp NaNoWriMos. I converted the script Will Henry - The Monopoly King into the Young Adult novel, Will Henry. It is the story of a boy who has to take on a man's job and work on the train during the depth of the depression in rural Tennessee. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K5POM0O

Potter's Field, was first published by Advance Books, a small press publisher no longer in business. I recovered all the rights and it is now available on Amazon as well. It is a cozy mystery about a retired English teacher who becomes a private eye in a rural Tennessee town.

From Darkness to Glory is my most recent novel on Amazon. It is a historical western, second in the series I'm calling Western Wives. http://amazon.com/dp/B00LG1ZPMK

Although I removed the Milch Bride for final editing and publication, I still have Clarissa's Kitchen posted and have added my 2012 Nanowrimos novel, He's My Baby Now.

Happy as always to exchange reads, critiques, and honest novel reviews with anyone interested.

Website in progress http:// jrbiery.wordpress.com

favourite books

Love too many to name a favorite:
To Kill a Mockingbird
Gone With the Wind
The Firm

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He's My Baby Now

J.R. Biery

Kendall's promotion depends on avoiding the boss's son, but finding a baby on her doorstep during Hurricane Sandy sets her against all the owner's family.

Kendall Jordan, ambitious young lawyer is hoping for a promotion. Michael Savage, the handsome son and senior partner in the firm has arrived to take over the Hutchison’s divorce case. Unfortunately, he is the playboy Kendall lost her virginity and heart to last year. At home, she finds another problem. A client has abandoned her baby to Kendall’s care.
The police cannot find the real mother who has threatened suicide and Detective Callahan isn’t sure whether this hard-nosed lawyer can be trusted, already Kendall has almost traded the baby to a mugger for her sushi. When the storm of the century arrives, Kendall is forced to move in with Michael to work on the case. Avoiding him becomes impossible.
Although Kendall insists the baby is not Michael‘s, his parents want their grandchild. DNA tests are ordered. When Michael learns the truth, he is shocked. He has fallen in love with the boy too and is determined not to lose either him or Kendall.
After running from Kendall and marriage, Michael realizes that she is what he wants. But can he convince stubborn Kendall to marry him before she gives away their baby?


Clarissa's Kitchen

Janet Biery

Clarissa Martin wakes in a fever, needing to change her life, her job, her home, her cooking and if Frank doesn’t shape up --her husband.

Clarissa Martin at forty-five is still an Italian bombshell, but she wants to be more than a devoted wife and mother as she wakes to find herself an empty nester in the dark wasteland of menopause. It’s time for things to change, not just her body, but everything about her home and life.

Frank Martin, her handsome, athletic and devoted husband loves his wife, his home, children and his job. He hates change and is looking forward to retiring young and enjoying a wonderful, peaceful life with his perfect wife, Clarissa.

Finally Clarissa is going to master French pastry, go back to work selling real-estate, and get a remodeled kitchen. But when Frank finally agrees to the changes, it quickly escalates from an update of the kitchen to a total gut and demolition of his beloved childhood home.

Confronted by the reality of remodeling, rebuilding a career, and reshaping her marriage, can Clarissa survive so much change without going crazy and if she can, will Frank still love the new woman?


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I wrote 86 days ago

Here is the novel I wrote during a Nanowrimos month during hurricane Sandy. Could use input. Plan to add chapters as (if) it gets added to bookshelves. Appreciate any feedback. view book

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