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Recently retired from teaching high school science and math, determined to pursue writing and getting published. I love to write, not sure where it will lead, but I've done it most of my life and find I'm a lot saner when I'm writing.

I've posted a completed manuscript, The Milche Bride.
If anyone likes romances and or westerns, I would appreciate your take on this book. A dear friend I taught with died a couple of days after her son was born and I just couldn't get her off my mind until I wrote the book. Surprised it ended up being set in Texas in 1872, but there you go, writing is always a trip. I'm pretty sure it's genre fiction but not sure what category.

Posted a second novel, Clarissa's Kitchen, after finally correcting the format glitches when posting. Not really sure about its category, I think of it as my reality television stew. Wrote it during the NaNoWriMo trying for the 50,000 words (which I made before the end of the month). Finally finished it at 103,000 near end of December. Loved writing it, would love to know if anyone else loves reading it.

Eager to exchange reads.

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Gone With the Wind

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Clarissa's Kitchen

Janet Biery

Clarissa Martin wakes in a fever, needing to change her life, her job, her home, her cooking and if Frank doesn’t shape up --her husband.

Clarissa Martin at forty-five is still an Italian bombshell, but she wants to be more than a devoted wife and mother as she wakes to find herself an empty nester in the dark wasteland of menopause. It’s time for things to change, not just her body, but everything about her home and life.

Frank Martin, her handsome, athletic and devoted husband loves his wife, his home, children and his job. He hates change and is looking forward to retiring young and enjoying a wonderful, peaceful life with his perfect wife, Clarissa.

Finally Clarissa is going to master French pastry, go back to work selling real-estate, and get a remodeled kitchen. But when Frank finally agrees to the changes, it quickly escalates from an update of the kitchen to a total gut and demolition of his beloved childhood home.

Confronted by the reality of remodeling, rebuilding a career, and reshaping her marriage, can Clarissa survive so much change without going crazy and if she can, will Frank still love the new woman?


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 9 days ago

Janet, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full....

ShirleyGrace wrote 14 days ago

I don't have any reviews yet so if you would like to do one...greatly....

ShirleyGrace wrote 16 days ago

I did a review on your book. It went straight through. I have had sev....

Spilota wrote 18 days ago

My pleasure. I only read some of the book when it was here on the sit....

tone099 wrote 18 days ago

Hi Fledglingowl, Thank you for your interest in my debut suspense-....

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I wrote 479 days ago

Clive, Enjoyed, all very believable characters. Art show went on so long I was as bored as poor Roger. Surprised the children didn't fuss or fight, mine would have. Well written, believable dialogue and characters. Good luck in your writing, Janet view book

I wrote 492 days ago

Clive, Thanks for the opportunity to read your work. Like your wit and the eccentric characters. The tour of the art museum gave us a few of rogers opinions. I think a fight or argument could lift this experience to a higher level. It,s easier to be funny at a shorter length. I liked your voice, ch... view book

I wrote 627 days ago

Lyle, Very strange and delightful book. The story seems a bit higgelty-piggelty, going forward at tangents rather than a straight line. Felt the first chapter was a lot more polished than chapter two. Given you high stars and shelf space. Short and long pitches are both excellent. Very sympatheti... view book

I wrote 665 days ago

Cecily, Review based on first three chapters. Lovely writing. Glad to have the blurb to go by, since you're writing is one of slow, careful discovery. I appreciate the vivid details of the things Isobel will miss, the strained relation between her and David. It was nice to have the new baby scene... view book

I wrote 666 days ago

Casimir, What an atmospheric beginning. The lyrical layers of words like the swirls of watercolors on Madge's page. Especially loved the sharpened pencil and the line about the lightest pressure ready to snap the frail spike. Lord, but one can feel and sense murder a foot. Perfect, the motive laid,... view book

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