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I work as a library assistant for a Jr/Sr High School in the U.S.

Seeing what kids like to read has inspired me to write a Middle Grade fantasy (working on a sequel) and a YA fantasy. I've also written three picture books, several feature articles, and short stories. I received Honorable Mention in an annual Writer's Digest Competition - I felt like a winner.

I belong to the Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators and I thoroughly enjoy attending Writer's Conferences.

Curse of the Golden Fly book cover courtesy of Lexi Revellian
The Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree book cover courtesy of Lesley Fisher
The Edge of Nowhere book cover courtesy of Lesley Fisher (and a sprinkle of Bradley Wind)

favourite books

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series
The Green Mile
A Knight in Shining Armor
The Hollow Kingdon
The Notebook
Harry Potter books

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The Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree....

Camille Singleton

Angry dragons, butt kicking gnomes, a mean-spirited witch, and a quest to find the lost Elves.

Before the settlers came, even before the Indians inhabited the untamed land, it stood - waiting.

As settlers began filling the landscape, no home near the tree was ever raided by the Natives; they knew, through the tales of their elders, about the evil spirits that dwelled within the tree. Horses shied as ghostly shadows floated across the road toward the gnarled tree. Parents used the folklore as a disciplinary advantage; no child wanted to be eaten by the Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree. As time went by, the homesteaders had a tendency to forget and let down their guard; a child only disappeared every twenty-five years . . .more or less.

Meanwhile, the tree waited but now the time has come; once again, it hungered. Ten-year-old Abigail is about to find out if nightmares really can come true.


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