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Aspiring Author of Medieval fantasy.

I will return a read and will read any genre.

I know people have limited bookshelf space, so I will happily accept stars instead.

favourite books

Any by Raymond Feist
Farseer Series by Robin Hobb
A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

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Chronicles of the Thalron Legi....

Johan Nicholas Smythe

This gritty medieval fantasy follows multiple characters and subplots through pain, loss, political intrigue, betrayal, and love. Characters rely on strategies and intelligence versus magic.

War across the continent seems imminent...

Recently demoted, Colonel Boric Smith commands the Caldan Empire's elite Thalron Legion. A showdown with the Emperor has put the legion into a precarious position. His legionairres' lives are caught up in the Emperor's quest for retribution against him. Faced with dangerous assignments and raiding missions against civilians, Boric must decide whether the empire he loves needs a new leader. Boric sends his life-long friend Robert on a dangerous mission to change the fate of the empire. If Robert fails, Boric will find himself in open conflict with the Emperor, which could divide the homeland he loves.....

In the neighboring Kishan Empire, Viper is building a mercenary army with the goal of overthrowing the Caldan Empire. Viper quickly realizes the competition is deadly in Grenedines, a city famous for tough mercenary companies. His struggle for power begins in Grenedines, but his ambition extends to the Caldan capital.

Murder, warfare and betrayal follow in this gritty epic, set on the continent of Rouseth.


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Big Daddy wrote 484 days ago

Well the time has finally come. Apocalypse Day is here. No not the en....

Big Daddy wrote 500 days ago

To celebrate the upcoming release of Apocalypse Then Part Two: The Bo....

Elizabeth H wrote 547 days ago

Hi, I want to thank you so much for your backing and comments on ....

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Since you have a gold-medal book on your shelf, leaving it there afte....

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I wrote 633 days ago

A BHCG review I did not have a lot to criticize here. This was a good and entertaining read. Plot – True to the pitch. Pacing – The pacing was good. Characters/Characterization - The characters were good. I have read five chapters so far, and the detail regarding your characters is vivid. ... view book

I wrote 680 days ago

Thanks so much Elizabeth! Glad you liked it. Thanks for the detailed critique and for backing my book! John view book

I wrote 734 days ago

Lauri, Thanks so much for your advice! I edited my prologue today to give it a little more of what you wanted. I also changed my pitch based on your wise advice! Thanks very much! John view book

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