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It is important for anyone visiting my page from today (Monday, April 9, 2012) onward to understand that i will not be taking on more reads until further notice because I must now devote the computer time I have available to me to do other work. I will continue to support the books that are already on my shelf and watchlist as promised. World traveler. Worked in data processing for many years. Have always enjoyed studies within the social sciences, transportation, and communication. I would especially enjoy reading those manuscripts that contain
stories for CHILDREN ages 6 through 12. My own writing
is for youngsters in that age group. Thank you.

favourite books

Little Women (and Little Men) by Louisa May Alcott
Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling
San Francisco Boy by Lois Lenski
The Promised Year by Yoshiko Uchida
One Hundred and Eight Bells by Jane Flory
The Little House by Virginia Burton
Arthur and D.W. Stories by Marc Brown
Babar Stories by DeBrunhoff Family
Hawaii by James Michener
All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
Airport by Alex Hailey
The Moneychangers by Alex Hailey
My Name is Shinseki and I Am a Soldier by Richard Halloran
The Time Tables of History by Bernard Grun
The Twelve Caesars by Michael Grant
Galileo's Commandment by Edmund Blair Bolles
Day of Empire by Amy Chua
Charlemagne by Derek Wilson

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Adam Thurstman wrote 633 days ago

Hi Douglas I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quick l....

ClaireLyman wrote 718 days ago

Thanks! Am excited.

The Knowledge wrote 735 days ago

Douglas....please meet 'Madeline' David

Andrew Hughes wrote 743 days ago

Thanks for taking a look at The Morning Drop, Douglas - and for the c....

fayha wrote 743 days ago

Hello I am a new writer and I have written a very short children's bo....

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I wrote 789 days ago

Excellent read. Cassidy Brown reminds me of a student I had in one of my classes some years ago. It was a fourth grade class. It is easy to empathize with the young lady because of my own experience. view book

I wrote 789 days ago

There is not much I could add to the excellent positive comments already made regarding this manuscript except to state that I appreciate the time and effort it has taken to put it together. On that basis alone, it deserves to be read, but there are many more reasons for doing so as outlined in othe... view book

I wrote 789 days ago

Much thought and effort has gone in to producing this manuscript. This fact comes through right from the very beginning. There is not much more I could add to the very fine comments already expressed, but I do feel it is important to recognize the devotion it took to craft this opus. view book

I wrote 919 days ago

As I am a fan of both historical fact and historical fiction, I found this read to be extremely interesting. There is not much more I can to the comments already posted. Some outstanding research has gone into the crafting of this piece. Careful attention has been given to the understanding of th... view book

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