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Hey, my name is Laura-Ashley, I'm from Limerick, Ireland and I am currently studying English, History and music in university.

I love writing with all my heart. It is my passion. I also love many other things like reading, singing, playing the piano, playing the guitar and the list goes on.


favourite books

Falling for a Dancer, by Deirdre Purcell
Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
All of Jane Austen
The DaVinci Code
The Rosary Sisters...
oh the list is too long

my websites

http://lauraashleywrite.blogspot.com     http://lauraashley.blog.com

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my books

Watch Over My Life

Laura-Ashley Fitzgerald

What would you do if you finally got everything you have ever wanted, just to find out that your life is coming to an end?

Young and beautiful Jessica Connors had asked herself “what if”, so many times her head ached. What if she hadn't had a passionate love affair with her power driven boss? What if she had not fallen in love with him? What if she had not gotten pregnant? And what if she wasn't sick?

But she did fall in love with Jake. She was pregnant. And she was definitely sick.

Cancer is her everyday battle, although one she is determined to fight alone. Refusing to terminate the pregnancy for treatment, she risks her own life to give Jake a chance to be a father; all the while hiding a devastating secret from him – she is dying. She creates her own dream-filled life, but dreams don't last forever. And when Jessica wakes she is greeted by a past that continues to haunt her, and threaten everything she fought so hard to hide.

Until finally, those strings she never thought were attached tie knots around her heart to uncover a painfully beautiful love story.


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I wrote 775 days ago

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