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I love good books, especially thriller, fantasy and the quirky. I live in the UK (which is very wet at the moment) with my husband, teenage daughter and two fat cats (their bellies scrape along the ground). I like gin and tonics, Sunday dinner with all the trimmings and a nice cup of tea. I dislike people who brag, Davina McCall and work.

PS. I am not too bothered about getting published. I know the chances of that are nil. But I still like to write, so my offering is here, for you either to enjoy or loathe.

NOTE: If you like my book please back, review and star but I will not respond to requests to review your book in return for reading mine. Only if you go first and I will only return the favour if I like yours.

favourite books

* Catcher in the Rye *
*Adrian Mole - Sue Townend is a genuis*
* Stephen King - IT especially. No, not 'it' IT the clown thing*
Roald Dahl.
Notes on a Scandal
Life of Pi
Andy Stanton Mr Gum books
Series of Unfortunate Events
American Psycho

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tone099 wrote 35 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Maevesleibhin wrote 265 days ago

Hi writer chick! Now that Arrival of the Ageless has done its arriv....

Meg Wearing wrote 278 days ago

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker's C....

Debbie R wrote 388 days ago

Hi Writerchick I just wanted to thank you for backing Speedy for s....

Cait wrote 411 days ago

Ever read Irish stories? If you do, it would be great if you had time....

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I wrote 547 days ago

Am thoroughly enjoying what I've read so far. Mr Kovacs is certainly a man who I admire very much. His humour, his morals, his writing. After watching Andrew Marrs' history of the world, I admire buddism too. I have only read two chapters but intend to return to it to see if Joe can get his moj... view book

I wrote 696 days ago

Here's my review. What a wonderful idea; imagining a life without electricity! And wow how that would affect children, with all their computers and games consoles. Would make a child wonder about how they would cope if it did happen in real life. I like the thought of Dillon meeting the prime ... view book

I wrote 717 days ago

Hi Patio, I am riveted by your life-story and am glad that you have come out of the other side of your nightmare. I can understand how one person in your life was cruel and twisted; they are "sick in the head" and are what Van Vogt describes "the right man" ie. they have to be right all the time... view book

I wrote 719 days ago

Liking Dave and Paul's easy banter with each other. This shows skills especially with characterisation and dialogue; also it made me smile, then it made me laugh and then it made me think that perhaps I like this so much that I would give it the honour of shelfing and I don't shelf easily. Looking ... view book

I wrote 719 days ago

I didn't realise it was you, the author of I've been Deader. Lol! You're just too talented for me; I am jealous but wonder why you're not published...(in the conventional sense). view book

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