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I am an independent author. I have self-published a fantasy trilogy, Shaihen Heritage and am fully engaged in promoting sales of my books. I've put part of the first book in the series, Cloak of Magic, on Authonomy so you can see what my writing is like.

I wish I could give more support to fellow authors, but regret that I have no time to spend reviewing or commenting on Authonomy entries. See http://www.sarule.co.uk for the editorial services I offer to authors who wish to go down the self-publishing route.

I am a passionate campaigner for public recognition of good writing regardless of the method of publication or who pays for it. There are some excellent self-published works around - and some real turkeys that have somehow obtained the backing of major publishers. No-one said the world was fair, but that doesn't stop us striving to "make it so."

I always seek to write the best book I can, and then make the next one better. Good luck to all authors who are seeking to do the same.

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http://www.shehaios.co.uk     http://www.ukindependentauthors.co.uk

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Cloak of Magic

SA Rule

What sustains Shehaios, the Fair Land is called magic. But is it real magic, or illusion - a mere cloak of magic?

Everyone should discover their Shaihen heritage…

Somewhere along the line where human nature meets human imagination, myths are created. Somewhere in that space lives the spirit that created Shehaios, the Fair Land.

One man embodies the gifts of the Spirit. A man all too susceptible to the human flaws that lie beneath the cloak of magic.
The journey of self-discovery for Kierce, heir to the Lord High Magician, and Caras, heir to the Chief of Oreath, is inextricably bound up with the history of their land. The survival of their self-sufficient agrarian culture is threatened by the might of the sophisticated Empire of the Sacred Union, and neither Kierce’s cunning nor Caras’s courage may be enough to save the Fair Land.

Described by one reader as "powerful and challenging piece of fiction", Cloak of Magic is a story that will take you on a wonderful trip into a fantasy world and maybe make you take another look at the real one.


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I wrote 1562 days ago

This promises to be an absorbing and well written tale by someone who knows and loves the history so well the details of time, place and context flow naturally (us less learned folk know how hard this is to achieve!). I immediately believe I am hearing Eadgyth's voice describing what has happened t... view book

I wrote 1563 days ago

Thanks for the feedback folks. I will endeavour to reciprocate asap. I've updated the pitch, and think I have figured out how to put the paragraph breaks in this time. Cloak of Magic was published by Authors On Line in 2006, so I can't do much to change this manuscript. I am currently editing B... view book

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