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Hi, I'm a trying-to-bud writer recently graduated from a masters of arts degree in Screenwriting at the London College of Communications, London, UK. My primary interest since an early reading age has been science fiction and fantasy but in order to expand my range have recently begun writing a contemporary thriller dealing with international extremist terrorism and their methods of recruitment. I will be adapting the finished novel to a screenplay hopefully later this year. Although mainly unpublished I have completed a number of novels over the last six years, write regular serious articles, reviews and humour pieces for the London Vampyre Group's fanzine THE CHRONICLES and have some published comicbook work with the independent comics publisher CHIMERA ARTS. Currently, following the completion of my degree I've been busy sending my screenplay work to producers and independent directors to establish working relationships. A project called 'The Testament of Thea von Harbou' generated some interest from the UK Film Council's First Film Foundation funding scheme and I'm waiting to hear of further developments. My day job is working as a website administrator for a business to business publisher in London and catching stray pixels as they try to escape!

favourite books

FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury
AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
HOUSE OF LEAVES by Mark Z. Danielewski
I, CLAUDIUS by Robert Graves
UBIK by Phillip K. Dick
THE SPHINX (short story) by Edgar Allan Poe

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Ed Griffiths (psuedonym 'Edwar....

An alienated American young man becomes an Islamic radical and joins the nascent Al-Qaeda, eventually a trusted lieutenant of Osama bin Laden.

Merritt Bradley Thiessen grows up in North Dakota but after failing to graduate from high school and being thrown out of his home by his mother's boyfriend flees to New York where he eventually converts to Islam and becomes radicalised. Joining the Mujahideen in Afghanistan he meets Osama bin Laden and gradually becomes part of the inner circle of the future Al Qaeda terror network. Throughout the 1990s he fights in the many insurgencies and minor wars around the world including Bosnia and the first Chechen war. Thiessen is more and more fanatical as time goes on, increasingly hanging on his leader's every apocalyptic word and is willing to take any chance for the cause and die for it if necessary. Despite an attempt by a sympathetic CIA agent to offer him a way out Merritt goes on, ultimately volunteering to be one of the 911 hijackers on the plane that attacked the north tower of the World Trade Centre.



Ed Griffiths (psuedonym 'Edwar....

Simon Magus Iscariot. Sorcerer. False prophet. Father of Judas. True betrayer of Jesus Christ.

In the reign of the emperor Augustus Simon Antonius discovers a talent for sorcery while a boy attending the university at Alexandria. Making himself powerful and wealthy by sorcery and the command of demons he crosses paths with Christ's disciples and through jealousy eventually contrives the betrayal of Jesus by manipulating his son Judas who has joined them. Becoming the favourite of the emperor Claudius Simon seeks to turn Rome against the early Christians but finally runs foul of the apostle Paul and his followers many years later.


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Daniel Delacy wrote 1237 days ago

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many....

Wild Mother Lightning wrote 1285 days ago

Hi, I was wondering if I could interest you in taking a peak, at m....

Daniel Delacy wrote 1360 days ago

Care to swap reads? :)

marion wrote 1722 days ago

Your writing skills are evident from the begining of Judas - I have g....

marion wrote 1724 days ago

just seen your empty book shelf - saaad arent you on here any more?? ....

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I wrote 1721 days ago

(from Ed Griffiths) Hi Marion, thanks for taking the time to comment favourably on the evil adventures of Simon Antonius. I've worked hard with it (and maybe too much so) to try and get a sense of a really different time and consciousness. I promise that both the words you mention are real ones, ... view book

I wrote 1750 days ago

Thanks for commenting, Shinzy. It is indeed as written, later in the novel Simon arranges the event then goes to check it out - which turns out to be a very big mistake. Also thank you dbooth - I did try to reply to your email but it came back undelivered. Best unholy regards... view book

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