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I enjoyed writing at school but have not found much time for it again until recently. I mainly wrote poetry as I never had the attention span to commit to writing a book or even a short story!

I hope that now I am a little older I can create something that I can be proud to finish and so far I am enjoying the process. I am a bit of a perfectionist though and can't stop myself from rereading and editing while I write which does slow my progress a little.

Apart from writing I love walking my dog Bella who is a big bear of a german shep/rottweiler. I also go horse riding and kick boxing.

This site was recommended to me by my brother who also loves writing and it was him that inspired me to pick up a pen again. I was really nervous about posting my efforts for all to see and criticize but I have found the comments and criticism on here very helpful and I am learning a huge amount from the wealth of talented writers I have met.

My email is cpovey@hotmail.co.uk

favourite books

Anything by Terry Pratchett especially his Discworld novels.
Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Christopher Paolini - The Inheritance series
My guilty pleasure is the Twilight series - yes, I agree they may not be pure literary genius but they are entertaining and I love a good romance!
I also like Michael Connelly as a change from my normal fantasy reads

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Cheryl Povey

“Sometimes immortality is a bitch”

She's tough and a better hunter than even her makers could have predicted but something inside Luna is damaged beyond repair.

For six years Luna fought with the echoes of her prematurely ended life. Her life more bearable by her pairing with Alex, her best friend and unrelenting pursuer, but she is evading the pain of her past. The transformation from mortal to demon hunter has been relatively easy and guided by a unique wolf muse, she excels at her calling.

Luna’s (after)life is just starting to come together when her newfound stability is shattered by the reappearance of the love of her mortal life who has a few secrets of his own. A talented hunter, she will have to use all her skill to survive, fighting to save herself and those she has come to care about.

She must now decide who she can trust as she unravels the truth of her heritage in the quest to solve the mystery of the missing immortals. There is a traitor in their midst and Luna must fight against others denial to identify them. All this with a demon army amassing...


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I wrote 592 days ago

Club Grimoire This is obviously a very intelligent piece of writing. I like the poetic imagery of the prologue and although I found it a little slow paced without the incentive of enough information to know what is actually going on at first. However, the plot reveals itself eventually and is ade... view book

I wrote 611 days ago

Club Grimoire This is the first alien story I have read for some time but it felt quite original. The prologue left me with so many questions that I couldnt help but read on - What were these creatures up to? What caused their demise? Why did the monk react the way he did? Why did he take it to t... view book

I wrote 615 days ago

Club Grimoire Review Fantasy meets Pride and Predudice - I love it! This is unlike anything I have read before which is something you don't get every day. I love your characters although I would maybe have liked a little more physical description. The whole premise is what really hooked me and... view book

I wrote 615 days ago

Club Grimoire I love this first chapter! It is full of mystery, suspense and romance. I can honestly say that at this point I have no idea what is going on but that hasnt stopped me from wanting to read on. Your word choice is excellent and the descriptions are a perfect balance of creativit... view book

I wrote 634 days ago

Club Grimoire Review I am not getting much fantasy from this yet but I think that is a positive thing. Grounding the characters in believable surroundings has enabled me to picture them as real people and relate to their story. There is also enough mystery introduced at this stage to whet the app... view book

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