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COURSE OF MIRRORS won the HC desk in 2011

The novel (120 000 words) will be released by 'Armadillo Central' in Spring 2014, which is why I took down the sample chapters, apart from two, and perked up the word-count with short stories and poetry.

'Ana's world is a place of enchantment and dark mystery and yet totally believable ... just gorgeous in every way.'
... Fantasy author, Raven Dane (Morven) ...

' ... sizzling with original ideas and stunning descriptions … an excellent story, exceptionally well written.' - Margaret Woodward, author of ‘The Devil’s Bairn.’

A sequel I'm working on loops into the future - and is both a Science of the Heart and a Science Fiction.

I'm grateful to my friends here. The generous feedback I received (over 900 comments) encouraged and improved my writing no end. My best advice for newcomers - if you want feedback, give it ☼

Here a little window to my world: http://blog.authonomy.com/2011/01/authonomy-showcase-ashen-venema.html

And my write-up about a wonderful authonomy project:

There are many great reads on this site. Since the treasures I cherish would make a long list, I mention only one book, for impact - deeply touching and original ... 'Last Days of the Transitional Objects Institute' by Andrea Levine.

You can contact me through my website (blog) see link below.

favourite books

Authors ...

1001 Nights - 1001 Nights - 1001 Nights - 1001 Nights

Grimm Brother's, Alice, Huckleberry, Jack Vance, 2 Banks, J.L. Borges, I. Allende, Garcia Marquez, D. Lessing, Ian Mc Ewan, Murakami, S.Faulks, R.Eco, Anthony Stevens, Seamus Heaney, E. Dickinson, C.G. Jung, T.S. Eliot, Ibn Arabi, Rumi ....
Start again - Joseph Campbell, F. Herbert, Harper Lee, C. Ruiz Zafon, BB, The Little Green Men go down the Stream, Ramsay Wood - Kalila and Dimna, Selected Fables of Bidpai, Muriel Spark, R. Chandler, Fowles, Italio Calvino, J. L. Borges, Bruce Chatwin, Marlen Haushofer, Sebald, Markus Zusak, Idries Shah, Tahir Shah .... Course of Mirrors ...

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my books

Course of Mirrors

Ashen Venema

Gran gazed right through me with a solemn air. ‘We must never give up our search for The Real,’ she said.

This is the mystical journey of a woman who realises the creative power of what is reflected in the heart.

Several edits on, I took down the sample chapters, apart from one, since COURSE OF MIRRORS found a publisher and will be released in spring 2014. The title image is provisional. You may want to follow me on my wordpress blog. A link is on my author page.

To make up the word-count of 10 000 words required by authonomy, you'll now find under chapter 1,, 2, 3 and 4, short stories and poetry.



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Branestawm's cat wrote 25 days ago

Thanks for backing Jack. I appreciate your support.

LiveinPI wrote 33 days ago

Have you ever wondered about what happens to a human soul after death....

azwrites wrote 35 days ago

Hi Pia! I was trolling the community page and was pleased to see you....

SPW wrote 73 days ago

Hi there, Just to let you know, I've had a novella published as an....

sherit wrote 75 days ago

Dear Pia...Don't know where you came from but you are my angel of the....

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I wrote 200 days ago

http://authonomy.com/forums/threads/65697/the-last-days-/?pagenumber=12#AnchorComment Time to show up. I hope you're well. view book

I wrote 200 days ago

Hope you're well. It's time Andrea. Your book is on the desk. Have a show ☼ http://authonomy.com/forums/threads/65697/the-last-days-/?pagenumber=12#AnchorComment view book

I wrote 200 days ago

Hope you're well. It's time Andrea. Your book is on the desk. Have a show ☼ http://authonomy.com/forums/threads/65697/the-last-days-/?pagenumber=12#AnchorComment view book

I wrote 881 days ago

Sarah - Of Nature and Man - Thanks for bringing your poems to my attention. I read half-way, addicted :) It's not often that I find poetry I like here. Some great lines, and much passion. Will come back for more. Pia view book

I wrote 948 days ago

Hi Andrea, check out the authonomy blog via the homepage today. Your story is today's (Wednesday's) choice. Best Luck, Pia view book

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