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A businessman who thought there is at least one book in everyone, and managed to find the time to write it, but not the time to promote it / get it edited / get it published etc!

Thy Kingdom Come is an early draft and has some mouthwatering concepts - It's a must for those interested in whether there's life after death.....
It's a fast paced thriller (short chapters finishing with a hook - in the Dan Brown style) with a couple of conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. I hope it will entertain.

If you haven't time to read the full book, the synopsis of the entire novel is Chapter 1. It's only a few short pages long so wouldn't take much of your time.
If you like what you read, please give it some shelf time.

I'm open to swap reads for good comments and opinions.

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Da Vinci Codes, Lord of the Rings, The God Delusion, The Lucifer Code

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Thy Kingdom Come

Nick Hayward

A brain tumour operation resulting in paranormal dreams leads to a plot of global ramifications and the mysteries of life and death revealed.

A billionaire businessman, Jason Chambers, is rushed into the Ankh Institute for a life saving operation to remove a brain tumour. In recovery he suffers from paranormal dreams and is taken back into care by the Institute's surgeons.

With unusual happenings and in his desire to stop these life-changing dreams, it becomes apparent that the Institute is not what it seems and Jason uncovers a plot which has global consequences.
The Institute appears to need Jason for part of its plan and in his quest to find out why, he discovers more than he bargained for.

The secret behind ancient man’s most successful empire is uncovered explaining the real reason for the Ankh, trepanning, skull binding and pyramids. The link between Frolichs Syndrome, the pituitary gland and human elongated skulls, leads Jason to possessing knowledge and power beyond reason. This power threatens the Institute putting Jason as a hunted man.

When science unravels the mysteries of life and death itself, the world as we know it will change forever.

That time is now. The place is ‘The Ankh Institute’.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 210 days ago

Nick, It's been a long journey for me, and I've slid down to number ....

writingwildly wrote 211 days ago

Hi Nick, I read a couple of sections of "Thy Kingdom Come" and I c....

Brian Bandell wrote 405 days ago

Hi Nick, You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recently pos....

Abby Vandiver wrote 596 days ago

Hi Nick, Our books are so much alike, it's scary. I would like to ....

TDonna wrote 639 days ago

Nick, If you’re looking for a new book to read and back (if you fin....

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I wrote 990 days ago

Thanks Dennise, Once again, right on the button. Nick on view book

I wrote 1007 days ago

Al, thank you for you advice. You're obviously a pro. I've backed savannah and put it on my watch list. If you could put Thy kingdom Come on your watch list for a while it would be appreciated. Nick view book

I wrote 1011 days ago

Gareth, fabulous stuff, really helpful. Thank you for your time. You are obviously a busy chap. Even though you are new at this, you seem to have a grip on this more than I have. I wholeheartedly believe the plot is great, but completely understand my skills are not yet there to package the book ... view book

I wrote 1012 days ago

Hi, thanks for the advice, you're obviously a bit of a pro. I'll get started on the changes this weekend. (Hope yours is heading in the right direction) Nick view book

I wrote 1017 days ago

Good luck Dennise with the new book. Sounds interesting Nick view book

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