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I live in Arizona.

I am actively seeking representation and/or a publisher.

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William Faulkner's "As I lay Dying"

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Spiritual Warfare: A Practical....

Keith Wilke

Learn what Spiritual Warfare is and how to be victorious in spiritual battles.

Spiritual Warfare is not related to things of this world. Spiritual Warfare relates to a war between God and his enemies and as humans, we are often caught in the crossfire. This war takes place in spiritual realms not physical realms. We see the results of the warfare in how people are manipulated and influenced. The agents of this war in the spiritual realm are God’s Angels and Unclean Spirits of various types. Humans also play a part in this war. If we pretend the war doesn’t exist, we become victims of the war without any hope.

If we acknowledge the war, we can play an active part and avoid most of its consequences. If we understand when we are being attacked, we can defend ourselves. If we understand what types of endeavors the enemy will attack, we can preempt the attack and rob it’s of its power.


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David Isaacson wrote 773 days ago

SPECIAL APPEAL Grace be with you, Keith. My book THE EVOLUTION OF E....

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