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about me

I'm an 'Indie' writer of novels and short stories.

I was born in England and have lived most of my life in Canada. I'm a former Toronto police detective. Seven years of my service was spent investigating organized crime with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.That task force was formed under the governance of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1975. I was one of the original members.

Last November my short story 'Night Wagon' won first place in the Toronto Writers and Editors Fiction Contest.

My novel Bravo's Veil is available through Friesen Press . Another novel, Dark Zephyr will be published later this year.

My short stories are posted regularly on my website blog.

Special thanks to BRADLEY WIND for the great cover on Bravo's Veil .

favourite books

The Pillars of The Earth , Ken Follett
The Eagle Has Landed, Jack Higgins
Dagger Lane, Ann Victoria Roberts
The Deceiver, Frederick Forsyth
As The Crow Flies, Jeffrey Archer
Sarah's Key, Tatiana De Rosway

my websites

http://www.michaelcroucherbooks.com     http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/119734

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my books

Bravo's Veil

Michael Croucher

A young English evacuee assists in the defection of a German officer. The tragic outcome sends his family searching for truth and closure.

His marriage is in trouble and his business has failed, but David Collins is determined to investigate an old family tragedy and to bring closure to a huge void in his life. For years he has wondered what caused his twelve year old brother to leave his billet on a December night and disappear from an isolated beach.
Along with a reluctant cousin and the cousin's keenly interested wife, David travels to England to peel back layers of family history and official deceptions. They examine the brother's time in pre-war London and the months he spent in Cornwall as an evacuee.
The activities of a beautiful billeting official come into question. Her affair with a young police constable and her deep involvement in a local MI-5 operation are revealed, and so is her request for Paul to run a very strange errand. The final clues to his brother’s fate are discovered in an envelope containing his childhood keepsakes.
The investigation serves up many surprises. But one extraordinary secret shocks David to his core and changes his life forever.

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I wrote 501 days ago

Harris, the story has a very strong start and it kept pulling me in. This is the kind of book I really enjoy. You've done a terrific job with it. Backed previously, and now that I've spent a bit more time with it, rated very highly. Michael Croucher (Bravo's Veil) view book

I wrote 956 days ago

A very different read for me, but I found the story captivating and well paced. I read more than I'd intended, and enjoyed it. A few minor typos etc, but we all have those, nothing that can't be easily fixed. Well done. Backed last week, and given a high rating now Michael Croucher (Bravo's Veil) view book

I wrote 961 days ago

You paint powerful images with your words and they make for an engaging and satisfying read. You do tell your story well, but I think it will be even more compelling if you trim your prose just a bit. I really enjoyed what I read of this, and I'm sure it will do well on Authonomy and elsewhere. I... view book

I wrote 969 days ago

A good early building of tension and an intriguing premise to the story. It's a slightly different genre for me, but I enjoyed the change and I found it well written and compelling. I think the story would be even more powerful with a slight trimming of words, but that's my take only, others may not... view book

I wrote 969 days ago

I enjoyed what I read of this, it's the type of story I would read right through, and I probably will come back to it . I enjoyed the story line, the pacing and the characters, and was really impressed by the use of dialogue; authentic and believable. Shelved and highly rated. Michael Croucher (Bra... view book

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