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My name is Mark and I live in Colorado.
I have a degree in Computer Science with minors in Math and Military Science.
I work in Information Technology in a highly specialized career field.
I was in the United States Air Force for several years.

I tend to like Science Fiction above all, but will back any novel I think can make it to the top 5. Check out the ones on my shelf now, you may like them also.

Agents/Publishers can reach me at mdws77@yahoo.com.

-- November 1, 2012: Made the Gold Medal for being in the top 5 at the end of a month in October 2012. Thank you all for your kind support.
-- October 04, 2012: Best rank so far for Pluto Genesis: 4.
-- October 1, 2012: Well I am in the top 5, thanks to all of you. Will I stay there? That is a very good question that only you can answer by backing my novel to the end of the month. If not, there is always next month and the month after and so on.
-- September 18, 2012: From reader comments, I just made major changes to the Prologue, now called "Chapter Zero - Prologue".
-- September 13, 2012: Pluto Genesis is now in the top 10 and may just hit the top 5 next month. Thank you very much for all your support. I hope all goes well for each and every one of you.
-- August 08, 2012: Pluto Genesis is now in the top 20. I sincerely thank those who have supported my novel and made have valuable comments to reach this point.
-- July 18, 2012: Just got my 100th backer (thank you everyone for your support) and have moved down to 41 in ranking.
-- July 01, 2012: Pluto Genesis is now below 50 and is currently at 44 in ranking.
-- June 06, 2012: I have responded to the comments received to have more action at the beginning of Pluto Genesis by completely changing the Prologue. Please check out the new first 2 chapters and let me know if I am going in the right direction.
-- May 04, 2012: Pluto Genesis just hit the 99 mark in ranking.
-- September 19, 2011: Uploaded Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis. Original rank - 4550.

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Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genes....


When humans finally made contact with extraterrestrials, did they find more than they could handle? Maybe their curiosity got the best of them. Maybe not.

Seventy years have passed since the Anti-Gravity module saved humanity from the terror wars of the early 21st century. The Anti-Gravity module gave us a new desire to find others in our galaxy, but that desire was fading since ET had not been found. So, as humanity’s focus began to shift to colonization, young Commander Yu-na Park of Pluto Research Station Bravo found herself in the center of struggles. Struggles with herself, other aliens and against an aggressive civilization that was taking over the galaxy. And our system just became next on their list. The research at Pluto Bravo into the new Multi-Light Speed drive would be the key to defeating this aggressive civilization but could cost her the life of the only one she had ever loved. Her journey would lead to surprising revelations about herself, about the civilizations she encountered and about the beginnings of humanity.

The goal of this series is to come up with a new Science Fiction universe that has action, adventure and technology blended into a positive outlook of our future.

Finished product will be over 80K.


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Have you ever wondered about what happens to a human soul after death....

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Thank you so much for the backing Mark! S.

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I wrote 501 days ago

I have read through Chapter 6, and you have a very good book here. But you don't go into the main premise of the novel until the end of Chapter 5 when Lance gets mugged. You need to bring more into the earlier chapters. When Rain says, "I’m positive. The boy has powers.", in Chapter 1, you don't ... view book

I wrote 509 days ago

After reading the first 2 chapters, I like you book very much and will be backing it down to the top 5, which you deserve. I didn't find any grammar or spelling issues and only have some comments on 2 things. Those things don't take away from the book, just a different opinion on them: Chapter ... view book

I wrote 514 days ago

Very good book you have here. Read the first chapter and it sounded very believable. I can see the struggles with your main character, Mel, and what must be going through her mind. The only typo/grammar issue I found is listed: Chapter 1: "The third person in the room still had made so sign o... view book

I wrote 515 days ago

I read the first 2 chapters of this novel and love the way you tell this story. I found no grammar issues and only one rewrite that could help. I liked the way you had the detective get more information than just asking the questions by "accidently" leaving tape recorder and getting the woman's fi... view book

I wrote 519 days ago

After reading your first chapter and looking at the next two, I have to say you have the makings of a very good book. Your first chapter, while a little depressing, was very realistic. I wondered if what you described in that chapter came from real life experiences of yourself or someone you know.... view book

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