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Hi everyone- . I love everything about Authonomy.

favourite books

The wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahme
The Harry Potter books.
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple
Legacy by Susan Kay
Charles Dickens
and anything else I can get my hands on.

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Kate Grimes

28 complete short stories to pass the time with a nice cuppa.

28 complete short stories. Just right for a journey, a dinner-hour or tea-break. These stories are suitable for young adults/adults. The book is complete and can be ordered through Amazon. ISBN 9781908147776



Kate Grimes

Annie Greenlee gets the chance to sing on the stage but her young sister holds her back, so she must abandon her.

Annie Greenlee gets the chance to fulfil her ambition to sing on the stage but she is held back by her younger sister, Lizzie, the only surviving member of her family. Annie abandons Lizzie to the streets of Victorian London, but will her choice bring her the fame and fortune she longs for or will it lead to heart-ache. This book is a follow-up to LIZZIE.



Kate Grimes

Lizzie and Annie Greenlee are left orphans when their family die of fever. Then Annie abandons Lizzie leaving her to survive alone in Victorian London.

When all her family, save for her older sister Annie, die of a fever, Lizzie Grelee and Annie must fend for themselves. Evicted by a heartless land-lord, the sisters are forced to live on the streets. Then Annie abandons Lizzie and she must fight for survival in Victorian London, alone. By pick-pocketing and stealing she manages to avoid starving. Then help comes in the form of Joey, a former barrow-boy. But will Joey ever be more than just a friend and will Lizzie ever find hapiness and love.

LIZZIE is complete and can be ordered through Waterstones book shops, WH Smith and Amazon. ISBN 9781907986



Kate Grimes

Willow Green is a small meadow full of little woodland creatures. Join them in their adventures.

Willow Green is a small meadow surrounded by woods that were once part of a large farming estate. The farm, and Foxley Hall, a large country house, is deserted by humans and only the woodland creatures live there now. They are happy, friendly little creatures who all look after each other. Join them in their adventures, where they learn all sorts of important lessons about friendship, hard-work, honesty and sharing.


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I wrote 702 days ago

A quirky story like 'Cinderella' in reverse. Full of scary but likeable characters. Poor Maggie; I feel so sorry for her. Well-written, it will capture the imagineation of children and adults alike. Backed and on w/l. view book

I wrote 727 days ago

this is a brilliant book Bianca. I have always loved tales of the Gods,( I believe the ancient Gods are still around, even if mortals never see them) so this book is right up my street. I can see Ares on his mission to destroy a rebellious human, and imagine Hades' anger that another mortal has got ... view book

I wrote 740 days ago

Emma, I love this story. I'm a great fan of Catherine Cookson and I love the Victorian era, so this book is right up my street. It's everything a good story should be, with drama and romance. Well-written with an excellent m/c. Well Done. Backed with stars and on w/l. Kate Grimes - LIZZIE - CUPPA... view book

I wrote 744 days ago

I know this is serious but I have to say I love this ms. It deals so well with the horrors of having cancer, and I'm sure other sufferers will take heart from it. The m/s is well-written and is interesting and informitive, with no sign of self-pity. Well done on an excellent m//s. I do hope all goes... view book

I wrote 746 days ago

This is a lovely book, full of humor, and a delight for children to read. I love dogs and I'm always amazed at how intelligent they are. I often wonder what they think of their owners and other humans. Backed and on w/l. Kate Grimes - LIZZIE - CUPPA TALES - TALES OF WILLOW GREEN - ANNIE view book

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