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Hello, I am a 35 year old published poet at the beginning of the road to publication of my first fictionalised novel: 'The Last Message', which is based on a true story and is both mystical thriller and love story, complete at 109,000 words.
I have also have a second novel of literary fiction, the first draft of which is almost complete.

favourite books

'The Red Tent', by Anita Diamant.
'The Handmaid's Tale', by Margaret Atwood.
'Blind Faith' by Ben Elton.
'Witch Light' by Susan Fletcher.
'The Little Prince', by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
'Catch me when I Fall', by Nicci French.
'Lady Oracle', by Margaret Atwood.
'The Robber Bride', by Margaret Atwood.
Well, pretty much anything by Margaret Atwood, really.
'Life of Pi', by Yann Martell.
'Cider with Rosie', by Laurie Lee
'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts.

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I wrote 631 days ago

Hi Scott, I really like your idea and the way you set the scene is nicely atmospheric. I love how you start with Lazarus become awake again, still in the ground. The first few paragraphs are excellent. Would you forgive me, however, for saying that the way you introduce Christ feels a bit cheesy to ... view book

I wrote 636 days ago

Wow. I can understand why you've already had success with this online and look forward to buying it in hard copy when it comes out, which it will. Absolutely charming, fantastically well written (genuinely - not just saying that), unique, humerous and a future classic. Seriously, well done. I will ... view book

I wrote 636 days ago

Hello Keith. I've read your first four chapters and enjoyed your style, especially your word placements.. - it creates a good sense of shock and grief. Your writing is blunt and that helps to create the atmosphere of loss aswell. It's like being punched in the chest. Well done and good luck. If you... view book

I wrote 636 days ago

David, this is really well written, truly. It's easy to read, interesting, endearing and simple. It makes me want to go back to Australia and I've only read the first chapter so far. I can't really offer any tips on what needs improved because I can't find anything that does. I will continue to read... view book

I wrote 639 days ago

Hi Neville. A good idea and I like the theme. There is a slight problem with punctuation and grammar but that can be edited. Perhaps introduce more varied punctuation marks rather than just all commas. For example, your sentence: 'Anyone out and about early enough would have seen her on many occasio... view book

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