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I love writing! Read about it (& see my face) on my blog: intotheblankpage.blogspot.com. It's fun!

Out of Time is finished, edited and complete. There are ten chapters here, but if you would like to read it all, message me, and I'll put the other chapters on Authonomy.

Out of Time is in submission at present. One agent has read the complete and requested I edit and resend it, which I have now done. Shortly after that, a second agent requested the complete. In the last week, a third agent joined the fray.

So here's hoping!

favourite books

The Stars My Destination, Alfred Bester
The Lord of the Flies, William Golding
Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel
Beyond Black, Hilary Mantel
Bel Canto, Ann Patchett
anything by Terry Pratchett
anything by Agatha Christie

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Out of Time

L.F. Moore

The world ends tomorrow. Frank and Eris shift from a steampunk past to a flesh-formed future. A time-travel thriller for age 9-12.

Frank (12) hates being called a freak. His perfect twin sister, Eris, only makes him feel worse. By night, Frank dreams of a Clockwork Empire, a future city made of flesh and the collapse of civilization. By day, he spends his time in the Learning Support Unit, trying to stop Mental Mike jabbing him with the special scissors.

When Frank starts seeing things that shouldn’t exist, he starts to wonder what his inventor father is working on in the cellar. Frank's father is covered in invisible tattoos that tell a terrifying story. But neither of them can see the tattoos or realise he can’t possibly be their father until they go into the cellar.

Here, they discover a piece of technology that shifts them into an alternative Victorian past then into the desolate future where the last remnant of civilization survives in a flesh-formed invisible City. The Citizens have noble intentions to prevent the collapse of civilization – and no idea what their leader, Karlspark, is really planning.

Frank and Eris have to find a way to stop Karlspark, but it won’t be easy. Frank isn’t ‘real’ and Eris is a robot: worse, there’s something evil hiding inside her...


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I wrote 1085 days ago

Hi, I don't normally read this genre. Initial impressions: prologue seems disjointed and melodramatic. Not sure who the character is and not sufficiently emotionally invested in them at this stage to care about his broken and twisted body . I am kind of interested in what happened to the character i... view book

I wrote 1340 days ago

A confident beginning which clearly establishes the main character and kicks into a tense situation quickly. I'd love a little more description; sights, textures, smells - and some more description to really bring the elements of your fantasy world to life. You have a few little typos here, particu... view book

I wrote 1365 days ago

I agree with LW's comment about the detail. I think you need to choose which elements are most important to the story and describe the rest in more general layman's terms. It feels like an overload and while the information is accurate, does disrupt the flow of the narrative, and as a result, dissip... view book

I wrote 1375 days ago

Something else I've noticed is that your narratorial voice is omniscient, which creates distance from the characters (omniscient pov = 'zooming out') This sits rather uneasily with the copious and vivid sense-impressions that would rightly 'belong' to your characters ('zooming in') In other words,... view book

I wrote 1375 days ago

Ch2 In present tense the confusing sense-impressions (that are also present in your past tense writing in ch6) seem appropriate to the subject matter of the disoriented MC staggering around. But I would still prefer to read the bulk of this story in a flowing, lucid past tense - perhaps with key s... view book

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