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In real life I am a bookkeeper and writer. In a past life, I was a driving instructor, and that experience was the inspiration for my debut thriller, TORQUE. I thank all those who read, critiqued, and complimented TORQUE while it was on this site. Your input was most valuable.

TORQUE has now been published and is available as an e-book through most major online retailers, and as a paperback through Amazon.com.

Check out the website for more info.

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The Martian Chronicles
Catch 22
Out of Africa
The Hunt for Red October
Starlight Nights
Spike Milligan's WWII series

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Hi Glenn I hope you don’t mind a rather cheeky request, but it is ....

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Glenn - thank you very much for the support. I appreciate having a pl....

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Hi Glenn, thanks for the backing! I'm enjoying Torque on my kindle, ....

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I wrote 604 days ago

Club Agathe Top Ten Critique: Seven chapters does not seem to be enough to form a fair opinion of this enchanting work, but that's the parameter so I'll do my best to work within it. I will not be the first or last to repeat that Nick Goulding has a writer's touch. His prose and descriptive image... view book

I wrote 637 days ago

Club Agathe chapter 1 crit: I miss Dick Francis and it would not be a bad thing if this book followed his formula. Cute start with the wife attacking hubby although mentioning an axe-wielding murder as an offhand comment gives the impression that I've missed part of the story - that is/was a ser... view book

I wrote 638 days ago

Club Agathe chapter 1 crit: Stephen gets you right into it with a body front and centre - so fresh it's still bleeding. He describes the setting well, and the mystery of why Chloe is in this place and what happened will keep the reading turning pages. However, it doesn't read like a final draft. ... view book

I wrote 641 days ago

Club Agathe chapter 1 crit: nicely written introductory paragraphs. The pace sets the tone as the reader settles into the story, although I would find a way to remove the question marks from para. 2. The line between omniscient narration and third person POV is a little blurry and I think the pie... view book

I wrote 643 days ago

Club Agathe chapter 1 crit: Nice pace and tone to this - and one gets the feel of the opulent chambers. The prose could be a little tighter, though: (ie) She concentrated, in each case, on the elements on the charges filed by the District Attorney, as well as the criminal history of the accused w... view book

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