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I am a journalist. I started out as a feature hackette on The Sun, then landed a TV column on The Evening Standard for six years. I've been freelancing since I had my two kids - for Elle, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Red and many, many others - mostly humourous columns, interviews, and life and style features. I've just moved to Suffolk and written my first novel.

favourite books

Herzog by Saul Bellow
A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jenny Egan
Couples by John Updike
Clear by Nicola Barker
Morvern Callar by Alan Warner
The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith
Under The Volcano by Malcolm Lowry
Vanity Fair by Thackeray
The Epicure's Lament by Kate Christensen

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Fools' Paradise

Amy Pope

A black-comedy thriller set in Greece where death and madness cast a cloud over a luxury holiday.

A group of Londoners in their thirties head to a remote Greek island for a holiday in luxurious villa.
The film star owner isn’t there - his less successful brother Nathan is hosting the party at his expense. There’s a fully stocked wine cellar, a cornucopia of food and gorgeous female fans flinging themselves at the gates.
But one of the guests, a charming if inconsequential failed hack, is - unbeknown to his family and friends, and even to some extent himself - a little unhinged.
To everyone else, it's just a sunny, hedonistic vacation. To him it comes to resemble the second part of Crime and Punishment.

The Island's name, Kairos, means missing a crucial moment. There's a lot these people miss or fail to grasp, through choice or drink or hope. As another guest says, it's paradise without the tree of knowledge (although he is, to be fair, talking about the lack of internet connection). Sadly he will die none the wiser.

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j.l. wood-miller wrote 667 days ago

Hello Amy, Thank you for keeping "An Unfinished Innocence" on your....

Isoje David wrote 703 days ago

Hi My name is David. I am a young writer who is trying to become a....

Mademoiselle Nobel wrote 704 days ago

Morning, Lucy! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far? ....

sandy-1 wrote 705 days ago

Hi Amy, do you fancy doing a swap read? My book is a romantic, comedy....

Isoje David wrote 715 days ago

Hi My name is David. I am a young writer who is trying to become a....

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I wrote 753 days ago

I know you say you're not a great reader (although I don't believe you - you obviously love language as much as music), but this reminded me of two of my favourites - John Cheever's Wapshot Chronicle/Scandal and Carey's Oscar and Lucinda - in tone, the humour, an eccentricity that is subtle and nuan... view book

I wrote 757 days ago

Loved my visit to the Eastermost House - hope it doesn't fall in the sea for a while yet. No wonder you champion living in the moment!. The writing makes this part of Suffolk and the lifestyle so vivid it is as you say a vicarious experience of coastal living, in the company of an author who is brig... view book

I wrote 766 days ago

I think your book is brilliant - i just read chapter 14, it was like A Clockwork Orange in its almost poetic orchestration of violence. Amazing. I was almost put off by the Christian stuff, but you are a powerful writer and I think you would be an inspiration to people that culture either exploits, ... view book

I wrote 786 days ago

I love what you're doing here - I'm a fan of Roger Deakin (and I can't tell you how obsessed I was about ring of Bright Water as a teenager). Just left the city to live rural myself, so look forward to absorbing your thoughts and experiences. I love your comment below in response to 'corrent procedu... view book

I wrote 806 days ago

This is great, really enjoying it so far, funny, sassy with a nice edge. Love the reversing into neighbour scene - it's up there with Darcy meeting Elizabeth. Am backing and rating and looking forward to reading more AP view book

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