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I'm not here much these days but you can find me on my official author Facebook page, hannahmdavis or my blog www.hannahdavis.com where you can download the first chapter of this book for free.

Or follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Hannah_Author

Voices of Angels now has a publisher and is being released Feb 2012. Yippeeeee!

favourite books

The Alchemist
His Dark Materials Trilogy
The Magic Faraway Tree
The Chronicles of Narnia
Love in the time of Cholera
The Secret History
Rachel's Holiday
A Fine Balance
The Time Traveler's Wife
Of Mice and Men
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Tender is the Night
Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker
Any of Philippa Gregory Tudor series
The Truth About Ruby Valentine

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I wrote 1911 days ago

Hiya ok I read the first 2 chapters, could have read more but got to go do some edits....authonomy is a time void. Really enjoyed what I read. In terms of specifics: Thought your pitch could do with a tweak - particularly in the middle section. Loved the court-room scene set-ups, this kept the r... view book

I wrote 1916 days ago

Dipping in to read some of your poems. They're such a lovely reflection of who you appear to be. I like the philosophical ones best - the ones that seem to shed light on your positive sunny nature (regardless of the weather!!!) I love all the poems you leave me. You are the star. :-) Hannah view book

I wrote 1918 days ago

You write very well. :-) Am impressed. view book

I wrote 1940 days ago

PS - one more comment. Wasn't sure when this was set or where? view book

I wrote 1940 days ago

I am doing a belated return read (Voices of Angels) sorry for the delay. I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of comments (authonomy had left me jaded!) but i did read all 6 chapters. I really like the concept of this - the attentive, the imprint, the housing of someone's soul in your mind. I t... view book

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