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The author was born in November 1960 and has spent the whole of his life within a twenty mile radius of his birthplace, Exeter. His childhood was spent with his brother on the back beach at Teignmouth amongst the boats and fishermen, tourists, friends and beach huts.

On reflection, the time spent at Teignmouth Grammar School really was a wonderful period of his life, especially that glorious summer of 1976. Reaching the age of sixteen, gave him the start of his love of motorcycles and motorcars which ultimately lead him into his business career.

He is a keen sportsman having played five a side football with his old school friends for more than twenty-five years ; he keeps fit, running ten to fifteen miles a week, enjoys cycling and motorsport.

The idea of writing a book started as long ago as 1992 when he wrote 30,000 words entitled ’Through the Hoop’. Due to pressures at work and time restraints, he put the book down one evening with the intention of continuing the story, but it never happened. Over the ensuing years, the thought of writing was always there, but not that seriously until that fateful day of July 14th 2008.

What drove him to pick up the pen again was the burning rage and anger within him to tell his story. On the first night in HMP Leyhill, he sat down and started handwriting the manuscript, ‘Another Day in Paradise’. It took eleven weeks to write 250,000 words using the limited free time available within the confines of the prison. There were passages that made him cry and others that made him laugh, but overall the feeling of satisfaction was immense.

With so many distractions, once free from incarceration, the last chapters were the most difficult to write, however two weeks prior to Christmas 2008, it was finished. Exposure to some, an explanation to others but overall a ' damn good read.'

He lives with his wife Katie and two daughters, Ellie and Beanie.

The title, ‘Another Day in Paradise’, comes from the often used sarcastic greeting used by prisoners.

favourite books

23 Days in July - John Wilcockson / Lance Armstrong
The Essential - Spike Milligan
Just Joey - Jimmy Walker
Blackadder 1485-1917
Kane & Abel - Jeffrey Archer

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http://www.anotherdayinparadise.co.uk     www.exeterferrari.com

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my books

Another Day in Paradise

Mark Reece

Reed faces the horror of a wrong decision. Revenge is the only answer, but how ? He thinks he has fourteen months. It's much less.

At 8.00am, Reed waved goodbye to his family, saying, ‘I‘ll see you later’. Four hours passed. It took less than thirty minutes for the judge to inflict his decision. Every journalist in court knew that ‘Ferrari’ and ‘fraud’ would make the front page.

The bush telegraph relayed the news like wild fire. Key was worried - Reed surely wouldn’t take it lying down. Had he and his four co-conspirators gone too far?

After a five year investigation, Max Reed finds himself on the way to prison, sold down the river by those he trusted. From his cell, this ordinary man plans his revenge on the five individuals that contributed to his fall and in so doing tries to clear his name.

Set in the glamorous world of historic motorsport, this is an intriguing story of love, betrayal and dodgy deals spanning forty years and fourteen weeks.

Eighteen months pass by, Reed is out. The reputation of the ‘five’ lay in tatters.

Max Reed’s revealing tale, based on a true story, charts the history of the five, their connection, their lives, their lies and their
ultimate demise.

A fascinating insight into a real life drama. Another Day in Paradise.


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I wrote 1332 days ago

Hi Martin, You were right, it is a great read. Lighthearted, witty but real at the same time. With your background, you should be able to do one of these every year. All the best, Mark - Another Day in Paradise BACKED view book

I wrote 1489 days ago

Things can only get better for you. This is a well written book which has all the elements of a good read. It's descriptive, fast moving and interesting. I found your dialogue to be spot on almost as if I was there, so well done. BACKED Mark ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE view book

I wrote 1489 days ago

Well there's no doubt that you know how to start a book. It's right on the mark from the word ' GO'. I found the pitch to be the reason to start reading and I liked it. BACKED Mark ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE view book

I wrote 1489 days ago

Hi, Firstly, that's a great cover - I would pick up the book just for that alone. Very well written collection of witty stories ranging from the odd titter to the outrageous. I loved it. It was quick, interesting and it held me. BACKED Mark ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE view book

I wrote 1506 days ago

Hi, This is a wonderfully vivid story, well written with great descriptions and characters. The combination of SciFi and ancient Scottish history works well and I liked it even though it is not my normal read. BACKED Mark ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE view book

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