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The Egyptian librarian, F. M. Moses, was born in 1972 and graduated, in 1996, from the South Valley University, Egypt.

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Muslims' Tales

F. M. Moses

A collection of tales from Muslims' tradition.

Those sarcastic tags given by the famous French writer Francois Rabelais to the city of Chinon, near which he was born – “famous city, noble city, ancient city, yea, the first city in the world” – may be given justly but not ironically to the city of Erum, an ancient city established by the descendants of the first people known to us after the disastrous Deluge. Quran did not refer to the name of this city but in one citation, and even that was through two very short verses. But that was more than enough to give evidence of how magnificent the city was: “Erum of the columns, similar to which had never been established in the land” –– an “honor” that is not surpassed by any other city mentioned in Quran.



F.M. Moses

Multi-Atlas represents four independent board books for children aged 8-12 years old. Each book, in its final form, consists of 18 pages.

Our awesome world – though so minute on the cosmic scale – provides a stunning variety of physical features, climates, natural resources, nations and places. Atlas of the World – the first work – depicts, in the opening paragraph, our overwhelming world from outer space to reveal how it is – in contrast to the familiar “picture” on world maps – shaped like a sphere, and then it roams the world to show, in quick camera-shots, the world’s physical features, climate, biomes, and natural resources.
In the second chapter, the young readers will meet the world’s people to know where they live; the main races they belonging to; the language families of their present-day languages; the varied works they practice to make living, and how they have divided the planet, by political borders, into a wide number of political units.
Aiming supply the young reader with a wider concept about our awesome world, Atlas of the World provides and exhibits a stunning album of the world’s seven continents, each in a separate chapter – with which the readers will learn lots about each continent’s physical features, climate, natural resources, plant and animal life, population, economies, and political divisions.


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Margaret Holly wrote 11 days ago

Hi F.M., I'm not sure I'm the right person to answer this question....

Margaret Holly wrote 13 days ago

I tend to agree with Sam453 on this. These are Islamic stories trans....

sam453 wrote 15 days ago

I mean that you're rewriting what's in the holy Quran and the Hadith.....

Margaret Holly wrote 15 days ago

Dear F.M. All I know about "Muslim Tales" is that it was uploaded ....

Software wrote 38 days ago

Dear F.M., Many thanks for backing Zavrazin. I really appreciate y....

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